Aries astrology sign and makeup
photo: iStock

For the next month, we'll all be cooped up inside, but Aries babies are gonna be partying regardless. 

As the first sign in the astrological chart, Aries are notoriously confident, headstrong, energetic, and passionate. This sign is not going to let something like a quarantine keep them from partying, even if it's virtually through Zoom, Facebook Live, or FaceTime!

One way this fire sign could celebrate is by creating a bomb makeup look inspired by the sign. These Instagram makeup artists have already created incredible works of art based on the vivacious fire sign of the ram. 

One artist created a full ram's face. 

Aries' symbol is the ram, based on their stubborn and headstrong personality. This artist created an entire makeup look based around the animal, and it actually looks so chic. The artist added pearls and the Aries sign on her forehead. 

Of course there's going to be plenty of red. 

One artist created a literal campfire on her eyelids. This eye look is glowing with embers using glittery reds, oranges, and yellows. Plus, the artist added a fierce wing to give that confident schmize. 

This silvery ram almost looks like Maleficent. 

Maleficent's horns are similar to that of the Aries ram. This artist contoured her nose to look like the flat nose of the ram and created silver horns out of her gorgeously dyed hair. Plus, she added fierce faux eyelashes to her bottom lash line. 

This artist's highlight is absolutely glowing. 

One artist used glowing reds and purples to create an eye makeup look for the stars. I love this shimmery maroon shade that is fit for an Aries baby. The artist paired the look with a mauve lip and a bold brow. 

Red is the color to use for the fire sign. 

I love this bold, monochromatic cherry red eye and lip combo. This artist is skilled in color-blocking and created a statement eye look matching it with their bold lips. The red is nicely balanced by the thick black eyeliner. 

One artist painted fiery lightning bolts on her face. 

This artist created a gorgeous abstract flame on one side of her face. The simple yet stunning look is an Aries dream. The artist captioned her post, "I'm a fire, don't touch me if you're scared to burn." Spoken like a true Aries. 

One artist painted the Aries constellation across her nose. 

This artist balanced fiery red hair with a blue galaxy painted across their face. The Aries constellation looked like a magical dusting of freckles across their nose. Plus, it looked so cute with the matching baby blue eye makeup and natural lip.