As a beauty editor and collector, I love nothing more than discovering new products and tools. So when I saw my favorite influencer sweeping her foundation over her face with a peculiar yet luxurious-looking egg-shaped brush, my eyes widened.  

Lydia Elise Millen religiously uses the Artis Palm Brush, which sells for a weighty $65.

Look at it, though. Doesn't it just strike you as something a modern-day Marilyn Monroe would 100% have on her vanity? I have a weakness for luxury — the more ridiculous, the more it tickles my wallet. 

Lydia never actually reviews the brush, but she uses it to do her foundation in every video.

According to the Artis site, the brush is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand (note the finger-rest indent on top) and promises a streak-free application for face and body. You can use it for foundation and primer, and there's even a video of an Artis rep using it to apply body highlight to her legs. 

Even with all those claims and Lydia's apparent devotion to the Artis Palm Brush, I wasn't ready to put down $65, so I went searching for a dupe and found this $11 lookalike.

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This is the "Joyful Oval Makeup Brush Large Palm Foundation Brush Palm Brushes Elite Mirror Palm Brush In Box." (What the actual hell, Amazon.... ?)

Anyway, it had 14 reviews and all but two of them were 4-5 stars with GLOWING reviews.

"The best foundation brush I've ever owned!" 

"Absolutely perfect for smoothing foundation and bronzer, love it!"

"I love this brush! I use it at the end of my makeup application to blend my foundation, bronzer, blush and powder for a seamless finish."

"I'm a professional makeup artist and I will be using this as my new go to foundation brush!!!"

The brush was also Prime and able to be delivered the next day. How could I not buy it? 

As soon as it arrived, I washed the brush and laid it to dry for use the next morning.

I was so ~ excited. ~

The packaging was zero frills; just a clear plastic box. The brush looked exactly like the Artis one, with the white rubber grip around the perimeter and the finger rest on top. The only difference is the name and the hammered silver top instead of smooth. 

I felt so... fancy... like I should be wearing fuzzy kitten heel slippers and listening to old time-y crooner music on the record player.

And holy shit, this thing really WERKED.

Zero streaks. Swept over my face like a silk sheet. Best of all — no aggressive pouncing across my face or dampening and cleaning like there is with my formerly beloved beautyblender.  

I was using the brush with The Ordinary's Coverage Foundation.

This is a medium-to-full coverage, semi-matte foundation and it's freaking $7 so you should definitely buy it. I'm shade 2.0 N. 

The results were pretty darn good considering I'm healing from a terrible bout with hormonal acne, am 37 years old, and a lil' hairy.

Everyone has a good side and bad side... here's my truth with only the veil of two coats of The Ordinary foundation.

I used it to blend my bronzer, blush, and highlight like an Amazon customer suggested and it worked great for that, too!

Here's my finished look about four hours into the workday. 

To wrap this thing up, the "Joyful Oval Makeup Brush Large Palm Foundation Brush Palm Brushes Elite Mirror Palm Brush In Box" is Revelist-approved.

I might have to spring for the real Artis brush because I have to know if there's a difference. And if I do buy the original, you bet I will report back! 

And to be clear, I'm not abandoning my beautyblender entirely, because a girl's gotta blend her concealer and this brush is way too big for that, but I won't be reaching for it to blend my foundation.