What happens when a pop culture reference starts going viral on social media? Well, makeup artists and beauty YouTubers hop on board. And that's exactly what's happened with Baby Yoda. 

For better or for worse, makeup artists are turning themselves into versions of the adorable green creature. Some people have opted for mini eye or lip details that honor the Star Wars spin-off character, while others have gone all the way out and completely undergone a transformation. True superfans would use the new Star Warsthemed Pat McGrath collection. 

Other similar transformations include a Pennywise challenge or hilarious horror movie re-creations that went so wrong. 

Baby Yoda lips are surprisingly so cute, but require a steady hand. 

I can't even imagine being able to create such tiny details on my lips, but this artist did it to perfection. Plus, the nails matching the starry night pattern is the kind of coordination I like to see. "All I want for Christmas is a baby Yoda of my own!" the artist tweeted, and I can relate. 

This is so good it almost looks Photoshopped. 

The green face paint is blended to the gods in this Baby Yoda look. Maybe this is Teenage Yoda because I don't think the infant could hold up a lightsaber just yet. The messy blue lips are a totally creative, colorful addition to the overall vibe that I am so here for. 

The cutest little eye shadow friend. 

This gorgeous forest green and bronze smoky eye would already be Baby Yoda–inspired, but the artist took it to another level. They included tiny and super-detailed Baby Yoda art at the corner of their eye. The most popular pose to copy is his sipping soup moment while he holds his tiny bowl. 

Too bad Halloween was months ago. I can already predict these costumes for next year. 

Some creations are total transformations like this one, and I can already predict Halloween inspiration for next year. People are getting so realistic with their makeup art. This person even included his ears. 

Or, go for a simpler route and just add a cute cartoon. 

This artist included an adorable version of the character that looks animated. The real Baby Yoda, which is not actually Yoda as most Star Wars fans now know, is a puppet and controlled by multiple puppeteers on set as opposed to it being CGI. 

Even the tiniest detail is adorable and difficult to accomplish. 

This artist just added a tiny homage to the character in their makeup look. Plus, the glittery green eye shadow ties it all together. One person commented, "Awhh the little Yoda is so cute!" 

This reverse transformation is absolutely mesmerizing.

To achieve the tiny face, many people are applying makeup to only half of their face. This person filmed the process and it is so satisfying. The final look is so cute, but looks kind of creepy with human eyes. 

This YouTuber said that turning herself into Baby Yoda was an act of self-love. 

The end result wasn't exactly what Nicole Rafiee was going for, however. The process was still fun to watch and gave me inspiration for the next Baby Yoda makeup look that I may try. "I'm sorry I thought I knew what I was doing ... I'm going to sit here, a Virgo, telling you that I didn't know what I was doing," Rafiee said.