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Get ready, because Beautyblender has one of the best Black Friday deals we've seen so far. 

What once was a simple brand with makeup sponges has now exploded into a full-on cosmetics company with tons of face products. The holiday collection was recently dropped on the site and it's all about gemstones. Not only do the gorgeous products look cute on your shelf, but they also work really well on your skin. 

On Black Friday, November 29, there is a special surprise coming that will likely sell out, so keep your eyes peeled. A mystery box with seven full-size products with a value of $140 will be sold for $52 on Beautyblender's website. 

Beautyblender's holiday collection is here already, and the valuable mystery bag is coming soon. 

"Our 2019 holiday collection is HERE & stacked with 6 different value kits to gift or keep for yourself," the cosmetics brand writes in the Instagram caption. The holiday collection is stunning this year and is all about gems. It's already up for sale on the brand's site.

The mystery bag, which holds seven full-size products, is going up on Black Friday for $52. 

The contents of the mystery box are, well, a mystery! But I can tell you that two blenders will for sure come with the package.

One blender costs $20, and this mystery bag comes with two plus five more full-size products for only $52. When it's all said and done, this package is worth $140. Whew! That's a steal. 

Beautyblenders are the most popular way to blend makeup seamlessly into the skin.

Follow the three-step method for perfectly blended skin. Moisten your blender, dab foundation onto the sponge, and bounce it on your face. It's a simple way to make your foundation feel light and luminous. 

Let this highly satisfying video be a reminder to clean your makeup sponges and brushes.

For the love of God, do not forget to clean your sponges  — or brushes, for that matter. Makeup sponges and other applicators are a major bacteria zone if not cleaned properly. If cared for and cleaned with the blender cleaners, they'll stay as good as new. Fingers crossed that one of the products in the mystery bag is a Beautyblender cleanser. 

The Jewel Box Mystery Blind Bag, $20

>> Get it here

There's already a holiday blind bag up for sale on Beautyblender's site for only $20. This one comes with a mystery sponge and a surprise gemstone cleanser from the holiday collection. The Black Friday Mystery Bag isn't up on the site yet, but check back on November 29 to get a great deal.