Hola Chola palette
photo: Colourpop

Latinx songwriter Becky G just released a new makeup collab with ColourPop that is so reminiscent of the early '00s and late '90s.

Her previous collection with the brand was released in November last year. It featured bright colors and was called Salvaje, which translates to Savage. Becky G has toured with Katy Perry and sings popular Spanish hits, like "Sin Pijama" and "Cuando Te Besé."

Her latest collab is now available on ColourPop's site and is actually affordable. It's available just in time for a last-minute Christmas present. 

Becky G collaborated with ColourPop on the most incredible throwback collection inspired by her Latinx heritage.

Even the promotional images Becky G shared to her Instagram are so early '00s, with graffiti tank tops. The collection features warm tones, a sharp eyeliner pen to get that perfect wing, a roll-on lip gloss just like you used to have, and deep lip colors. 

Hola Chola Collection Set, $90

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The entire collection is available to order as a set for $90. It comes with two bronzers, the Hola Chola eye shadow palette, three lip bundles, a top-selling roller gloss, and a liquid eyeliner. You can also order the items separately.

Very Cherry Roller Gloss, $8

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The sheer cherry roll-on gloss is so reminiscent of the early '00s. 

Hola Chola Eye Shadow Palette, $20

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This 12-pan matte shadow palette is definitely a throwback to Latinx makeup looks. It could also be used to create tons of new modern looks that are super natural. 

Payasa Liquid Lipstick Bundle, $14

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This gorgeous deep red shade is perfect for holiday parties or if you're just feeling extra. The gothic merlot color looks stunning on tons of different skin tones. It comes with a matching Lippie pencil to overline your pout.

Traviesa Liquid Lipstick Bundle, $14

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This plum color is similar to Payasa, but has a deeper purple tone than its redder sister shade. The Traviesa lip bundle is gorgeous, and like the rest of the collection, it has super-fun packaging. Everything is done in the typical graffiti handwriting with bright pink colors and cherry stickers.

Muñeca Liquid Lipstick Bundle, $14

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No Latin-inspired collection would be complete without a perfect nude lip. Add on a darker lip liner for even more of a '90s look. This matching Lippie pencil is a great combo and looks a little browner on light skin tones. 

Lola Black Liquid Liner, $9

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It would be a shame to waste all of these amazing '90s-style products and not include a sharp cat-eye. This brush-tip liner from ColourPop boasts a smudge-free, long-wearing formula. Like the rest of the California-based products, everything is vegan and cruelty-free.

Salvaje Eyeshadow Palette, $20

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If the matte shades aren't for you, then Becky G's former collaboration with the makeup brand is still up for sale. Last year's Salvaje palette features vibrant blues, pinks, reds, and golds. Plus, it comes with a few shades to create a perfect smoky eye. 

Salvaje Lip Bundle, $40

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The Salvaje lip bundle is also still available featuring five liquid lipsticks. The colors range from a pale pink, coral, orange, and vibrant red. Each liquid lip pays homage to her Mexican heritage with names like Flor, Besame, Chola, Secreto, and Mija.