Pearls, rhinestones, and gems are the latest eye makeup trend
photo: iStock

After Euphoria became the norm for beauty standards and sparked so many extra makeup trends, bedazzled eye looks were nothing out of the ordinary. 

Now there are so many ways to add rhinestones, pearls, and gems to makeup looks that go from simple to oh-so extra. People have been adding accessories to eye makeup for a while now, from freaky looks with real-life bugs to artistic galaxies painted on faces.

These are the most extra and bejeweled looks that are pretty enough to inspire you for your next event. 

This look is really anything but boring, and yet the intricate placement of these rhinestones adds even more flair. 

German makeup artist Antoinette aka @esantoinette creates the most stunning eye makeup looks with delicate artistry and plenty of colors. This vibrant eye shadow and blush combo would be perfectly fine on its own, but with the addition of these rhinestones, I'm downright captivated. 

Why have a basic wing when you can look like a literal angel with these pearls on your eyes. 

Black wing liner is out and pearl liner is in! Next time you want to go all out for a big event, try sticking tiny, delicate pearls onto the line of your eye. Just don't forget to add massive lashes so they don't get lost beneath the pearls. 

These iridescent stars are too cute. 

Another sweet touch is the way this artist, Marie Dausell, placed iridescent stars on the eyes and brows of her muse. The accessories stand for themselves with a no-makeup, glowy look beneath them. 

Who is here for pearl brows?

Pearl brows are one way to get the perfect arch. These brows are so wild and extra, but I'm somehow mesmerized by them. Try adding a few simple touches to your brows by alternating on top of and underneath them, if this harsh look is too much for you. 

These teardrop rhinestones are an effective way to make your eyes pop. 

Another simple eye look made totally over-the-top by teardrop-shaped rhinestones. I'm totally getting Pop Art vibes with this makeup look. Plus, the makeup artist Lou Rose's feathery brows are to die for. 

Add gems to a geometric look to make a style more feminine. 

Lou Rose from Australia often experiments with gems and rhinestones on her makeup looks. This geometric, asymmetric eyeshadow could look harsh, but with the gems added it looks delicate and feminine. Plus, she added a few to her massive lashes for extra shine. 

Even a simple gem added to your tear duct is a great way to take a look from simple to extra. 

This simple wing eyeliner went from bland to breathtaking with the addition of one simple rhinestone. The model's blue-green eyes look even more sparkling with the accessory. The trend is easy to accomplish, too, with a steady hand and some eyelash glue. 

Euphoria started the trend, which has now blossomed to include tons of wild adornments. 

Euphoria characters like Maddy, Jules, and Kat made gems in makeup every day and not just for Halloween. I can't wait to see the looks the makeup artists craft for next season. Now so many people have copied the dazzling looks.