Contouring has enjoyed a pretty long run as the most popular beauty craze, and brands have been releasing contour kits left and right.

From Kim Kardashian to Maybelline, you can grab a kit at any price point. For my cheeks (and likely yours), it's a blessing.

But there's a big problem with contouring palettes, and the new Benefit Cosmetics Complexionista palette is the perfect example.

The Complexionista Face Palette ($32, Sephora) dropped today with six pans to "conceal, contour, highlight & bronze," according to Benefit Cosmetics' Instagram caption. 

The pink packaging, which takes on the design of a magazine cover, is quite cute and the palette comes with a nice-sized mirror.

I was excited for two seconds when I got the notification about the new product on my phone...

... until I found there was no medium or medium deep or deep option.

This very light, peachy palette is the ONLY shade option. I guess Benefit thinks people with darker complexions don't want to contour or highlight.

People with darker skin tones can't do much with this pretty little palette — and it's a shame for a big brand like Benefit with a diverse customer base.

photo: Giphy

So... what's up? In the age of Black Girl Magic, Fenty Beauty, diversity, and living your best life, why are any brands still releasing products that only benefit the paler side of the population? 

Darker people have coins, too — and beyond the money we're willing to spend, we are people who should benefit from the beauty industry like everyone else.

"Complexionistas" come in different colors, not just "pale." Hopefully Benefit wises up and releases products that reflect that truth.