Exploring is endless when it comes to eye liner. From smoky, to winged tip, and of course a classic cat eye, there are no limits to your eye liner creativity. If you've found yourself bored in your eyeliner routine lately, we have the perfect solution for you. 

Check out these killer 34 eyeliner looks to master right now!


It's 2019, people!

Get bold with a thunderbolt design. It might take a little more time to master than others, but i'll sure be worth it. Might we recommend a very sharp brush and gel liner over a liquid formula?


That means it's time to ditch your old ways and get into the creative spirit.

This one sets itself apart from the crowd with a slight, glittery gloss that puts uber-matte eyliners to shame. We need to know what liner this is!


And I've decided we should all start with our eyeliner.

Leave it to Leach Carmichael of Kat Von D Beauty's Artistry Collective to create a flawless and modern take on '60s mod eyeliner.


Because who among us has not gotten caught in a basic wing slump?

This design by Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick has our darkest of goth hearts soaring. Depeche Mode and  chill, anyone?


Seriously, How edgy is this? 

Who says eye liner is only for the top and bottom of your eye?! Basic people, that's who. the best part of this liner look is that it definitely won't smudge all over the top of your eyelids.


So here's a little new year's challenge for you:

Throw in some color! Just grab some white concealer and go to town to achieve this color-clocked wing.


Get *out* of the habit of drawing that cat eye every day.

Bright bold colors are super fun! With a thick base of white concealer and the right yellow eye shadow, you could be turning head all over the place.


Or, at the very least, find some cute ways to play up that cat eye.

Don't neglect those inner corners, friends! A sharp little corner wing can take your look from zero to 100 in seconds flat.


Such as a little blank space...

This look brings out the color of your eyes like you wouldn't believe. The phrase "less is more" definitely applies here.


Or some cute cut-outs...

Try being creative with intricate designs. And if you slip up while mastering the cutouts ... well, that's what concealer's for.


Or two itty bitty dots...

We can't think of a quicker or easier way to let the entire world know that you're just as ~artsy~ as your makeup is. Place them in your inner corners or even underneath your lower lashes.


Or a whole handful of dots.

Have a little fun by incorporating your entire eyelid into the look. Bleached eyebrows or not, you'll be hard pressed to find a look this fun and funky.


Or a '60s-inspired crease...

Carmichael does it again! All this look takes is one bold line places just above your regular eyeliner wing, and you've transported yourself back decades.


Or a tiny checkerboard pattern...

Pattern play is more than just for fashion. Although, we can't guarantee this one will be even remotely easy. But that's artwork, babe.


Or some eye gloss for a latex look...

Gloss adds instant shine. Gloop your go-to clear lip or eye gloss onto a liner brush and have fun!


Or... a SECOND WING!!!

Because doubling up is super fun! And who says you can't mimic that look with your eyebrows, too?


The possibilities?

Tara Buenrostro calls this look the "puzzle piece" liner look, and you learn how to do it directly from her in this extremely helpful YouTube tutorial.


You can never have too much sparkle and shine!

Bring on the glitter. If you want to recreate this dazzling look, we recommend buying some sticky, thick glitter from Lemonhead LA or the Gypsy Shrine.


Bring a little color into the mix.

If all your eyeliner wings are black, you seriously need to get out of your comfort zone more. There's a whole world of colored eyeliner out there that's dying to be worn by you!


Sometimes all your routine needs is a splash of blue.

Are you feeling blue? Cheer up with a bright and playful eye look, also inspired by this Kelseyanna Fitzpatrick look.


Or pink.

Pretty in pink is always perfect. Douse your whole lid in hot pink shadow and let the outline of your wing serve a geometric '80s vibe.


Or red.

Including red will definitely make a statement. Veer from typical straight lines and draw a circle around the outer edege of your eye for peak avant garde.


If you're a little more ~hardcore~ don't be afraid to get freaky with it.

You have nothing to lose by taking a risk. So why not literally turn your whole look upside down? A little makeup experimentation never hurt anyone.


Make it Halloween year-round.

If you're already an expert with regular cat eyes, this simple spider web design should take you zero time to conquer.


Make it all pointillism if you please.

This look is beyond cool! And it doesn't require much coordination or skill — just a lot of time and patience.


It doesn't even have to go near your top lash line.

Bottom liner is so not basic. Take that sharp under-wing from earlier and smudge it until you can't anymore.


That ain't eyeliner you're holding — that's a paint brush.

If you have Picasso-level talent, go nuts! Mix up some eye shadow with saline solution or even water to pull off this paint-like finish.


And you can do WAY more with it than a petite little wing.

Add a few extra lines for more fun. People might stare if you take this look in public, so this is not for the faint of heart.


But you CAN achieve a lot without drying out that felt tip.

How cool is this look? A splash of shimmery gold can add timeless class to literally any makeup look, and this photo is proof.


A little really does go a long way if you think about it for a hot second.

Drawing cute designs is super creative! If you trace these stars out with dots before making the full commitment, you'll find them much easier to draw.


Bored but short on time? Reverse your standard wing.

Because there are no rules to (literally) winging it. You've already mastered the art of the swish and flick, so why not try doing it the opposite direction?


Or smoke it out.

Smoky eyes and cat eyes are both timeless looks, so why not combine the two in an edgy smudged-out black wing?


Or just make it really, really long. ~ELEGANCE~

We definitely recommend having lots of concealer and a sharp eye brush on hand when attempting this daring eyeliner feat.


And if you mess up at any point, no worries — just cover your whole lid.  

And don't lie to us — we've all done it. Thankfully, a mod, blacked-out lid looks just as bold and chic as all the other looks on this list.