Billy Porter's red carpet outfits are always the most fabulous. The future Fairy Godmother stepped on all of our necks at the Critics’ Choice Awards, decked out in a seafoam/mint jumpsuit situation. But it's the accessory he sported on his arms that was especially eye-catching — and carried a wonderful message for trans folks.

Porter says the butterflies are symbolic.

"The butterflies are a symbol of the transgender community," Porter told Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet. "How you come from the cocoon and you transform into something else. And so I wanted to honor my peeps tonight." Porter stars in Pose, the hit TV show about the transgender ballroom scene in New York City in the 1980s.

Porter also elaborated on the butterflies on Instagram.

"The hand-painted butterfly tattoos by @heyannabee continue my theme for 2020, which is being released from the bondage of masculinity and flying free," Porter wrote on Instagram. "Just like the beautiful ladies from @poseonfx, we are often born into one stage of life and then cocoon into an incubation of self-discovery, transformation, and acceptance, ultimately being released into freedom as beautiful creatures." I'm misty over these beautiful words!

Porter worked with stylist Anna Bernabe on the special tats.

Porter enlisted the help of stylist Anna Bernabe to create the temporary tattoos. She also gave him a beautiful makeup look with Pat McGrath Labs products, Bernabe shared in a behind-the-scenes Instagram video story.

Can we also talk about his jumpsuit?

The jumpsuit is a custom-designed piece by designer Hogan McLaughlin. Porter wrote that the wide-legged jumpsuit was inspired by the free-spiritedness of David Bowie," and called the look "Fashion Gumby Butterfly Realness." 

Porter's nails are also a sight to behold.

Excuse me, those neon yellow nails are killing me softly. They were custom created by nail technician Vanessa Sanchez McCullough, who called the look "SHATTERED" on Instagram. "Billy has shattered all of the stereotypes and I wanted to make a set that represented him and complemented his outfit. The bright neon represents his boldness and the broken mirrored glass represents all of the stereotypes."