The Black Panther craze has, of course, reached makeup — and Black women in particular are showing off their skills inspired by the characters and theme of the film. We're seeing looks inspired by everything from King T'Challa's unbreakable vibranium mask to Princess Shuri's dotted face paint to the official film logo colors. These makeup artists and enthusiasts went all out to celebrate Oscar-winning film.

Catch all this Black Girl Magic and let the ladies take you straight to Wakanda in style!

Sunset tease and royalty? Yasss.

Follow Jasmine Cooper on Instagram: @Jazz_onthebeat_. A sunset gradient that travels from red to orange to yellow makes this one bold, warm look. Black Princess Shuri-inspired polka dots and geometric shapes give the design an even edgier appeal.

How are jewels, white tribal marks, and a LITTY cut crease for a Wakanda slay?

If you can master a cut crease, then you're halfway there with this makeup design. White tribal marks and a vintage-inspired Lolita necklace make this look Wakanda-ready.

Follow makeup artist DeShaunta Jones on Instagram: @Beautyamongstmua. You can also check out her cosmetics line Beauty Amongst MUA.

Jones also slayed a second Black Panther-inspired look. 

Pull out your favorite multi-colored palette to pull off this Black Panther-inspired look. You'll also need the most blinding gold highlighter and shimmery blue shadow for inner tear duct to make sure this beat glows perfectly.
Follow DeShaunta Jones on Instagram: @Beautyamongstmua.

Makeup enthusiast Bdot Golden isn't just giving Black Panther face. She's also slaying a printed head wrap. 

All you need to complete this eye makeup look is blue, red, and black eye shadow. Grab a pink or fuchsia lipstick with your go-to dark lip liner and then throw in the Princess Shuri dots to finish your face. Lastly, you'll need a multi-colored head wrap scarf and your favorite pair of hoop earrings.

Follow Bdot Golden on Instagram: @itsagoldenlifestyle.


Makeup enthusiast, Natóy, achieved her Black Panther look with eye shadow art that features the colors of the African flag: green, yellow, and red. The vibrant look also includes yellow and gold lipstick, Princess Shuri dots, and a beautiful beaded necklace. 

Follow Natóy on Instagram: @not.atoy.

Makeup artist Britt K created a look inspired by the Black Panther's logo.

Follow Britt K. on Instagram: @brittkbeauty.

Black girl magic is all over the hair and makeup of makeup artist Traquise Freeman.

The African flag colors are back with this dramatic eye art. Makeup enthusiast, TraQuise Freeman, also opted for a tribal hairstyle with a single braid adorned by a shell bead.

Follow TraQuise Freeman on Instagram: @Traquise.

Ma'am, who asked you to slay like this!?

I am so feeling a black smoky eye to celebrate Black Panther. All Shaheeda Miles added to the look was the Princess Shuri dots, killer brows, and a glossy nude lip.

Follow Shaheeda Miles on Instagram: @creations_shaheeda.

This Storm tribute is absolutely gorgeous. 

Follow Keylonda Wheeler on Instagram: @gracedfacekey. Watch the tutorial for this look on her Youtube channel

"Her name is Shuri and she is her brother's keeper," Angela Walker-Shelton wrote underneath her look online.

Angela Walker Shelton went for an exact recreation of the Princess Shuri look. She even put on her version of the Wakandan's vibranium costume.

Follow Angela Walker-Shelton on Instagram: @mzshel85.

Starry eyes for Black Panther sounds like a lovely move. 

Not all Black Panther-inspired makeup looks have to take things over the top. Regina Sharrel White went for a simple starry eye shadow look. 

Follow Regina Sharrel White: @fairyglam_muva.

Too Much mouth SLAYED this fantasy Black Panther look. 

She went with a purple eye shadow look, a deep brownish red lip, and oversized Princess Shuri dots. Her beaded necklace provided one last touch of embellishment.

Follow Too Much Mouth on Instagram: @yagirltoomuch. Watch the tutorial for this Black Panther look on her Youtube channel.

Wakanda forever!!!

The guidelines for creating this Black Panther look? Grab yourself a black lip, your go-to black eyeliner, and white eyeliner to create your tribal marks.

Follow Naturally Rochell on Instagram: @naturallyrochelle.

Of course, there was more makeup love shown to the Black Panther logo.

Talk about a precise cut crease! This look was created with a bold navy blue eye shadow and gold eyeliner.

Follow Sylvia Nicole on Instagram: @FacedBySylvia.

The Black Panther cartoon icon recreation is over the top and perfect.

This T'Challa-inspired makeup isn't for the weak of heart. It requires a ton of face paint, a steady hand, and some serious time dedication. 

Follow Cait MUA on Instagram: @cait.mua.

Just LOOK at this makeup interpretation of Princess Shuri.

You're gonna need a bigger tub of face paint to pull off this look that covers the neck and shoulders. For the face, just pick your favorite red lipstick, white eyeliner (or lip liner), and the shadows you need for a neutral eye look.

Follow Stephy JPilot on Instagram: @stephyj.pilot.You can follow her Princess Shuri tutorial on her Youtube channel.

Yes, many of these makeup artists are planning to head out to the actual theaters serving these major looks.

The Princess Shuri dots strike yet again! They're the easiest to pull off with the right product. Treat yourself to a black lip, soft red or pink eye shadow, and white eyeliner to create the dots.

Follow Ivy Whyte on Instagram: @ivywhyte. You can also watch the tutorial for this look on her Youtube channel.

No look is too over the top.

Yes for bright, rich, and bold colors! This is your invitation to be as extra as you can possibly be. 

Follow Ohemaa Bonsu on Instagram: @_ohemaabonsu. You can also watch the tutorial for this look on her Youtube channel.

Ohemaa Bonsu also blessed us with one more Black Panther look — this time inspired by the costume Lupita Nyong'o wears as the character Nakia. 

I especially love that this look is also a perfect going out beat. You can wear this look to dinner and no one will know you're secretly throwing a Black Panther party on your eyelids. 

Watch the tutorial for this look on Bonsu's Youtube channel.

The Black Panther party is going down in makeup AND hair. 

Extra, extra! See all about it! This Princess Shuri makeup paired with a triple bun is all about the drama. 

Follow Kitty Krystyle on Instagram: @kittykrystyle. Watch the hair and makeup tutorial on her Youtube channel.

Of course the world needed a makeup artist to channel the regal Ramona played by Angela Bassett.

This makeup artist didn't just create makeup inspired by Queen Ramona. She also DIY'd her very own hat!

Follow Nia Hope on Instagram: @niahope. Watch her hair, makeup and DIY hat tutorial on her Youtube channel.

Pulling up to the theaters for Black Panther like...

This is a super cool take on the Princess Shuri dots with larger white circles on the forehead. You can use red blush or face paint to recreate that fiery face mask.

Follow Camree Enossa on Instagram: @CamreeC. Watch the tutorial for this Black Panther makeup look on her Youtube channel.

Baby girl is ready for Wakanda, but is Wakanda ready for this slay?

Remember, celebrating Black Panther with your makeup can happen anytime and anywhere you want it! You've got Comic Con, Halloween, the next Avengers film, and so many more opportunities to bring Wakanda with you out on the town.

Follow 4Lone Productions on Instagram: @4loneproductions. Watch the tutorial for this look on their Youtube channel.

Black Panther hit theaters on February 16, 2018 but as the phrase goes, it's really "Wakanda forever." 

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Since the Marvel Universe is basically going to feature the Black Panther character in a ton of movies to come, you'll have endless reasons to experiment with these different Wakanda beauty looks. 

*Wakanda* beauty will you be serving next? Happy blending!

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