This doll would have 3.2 million followers in 2017.

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With their huge eyes, perfect eye shadow, and on point lip liner, Bratz Dolls were beauty influencers before Instagram even existed.

But now, the beauty community has gone from low-key idolizing Bratz Dolls' aesthetic to actually transforming into them. And these looks are SO beautifully eerie, they'll give you the shivers... and then make you buy more highlighter.

Promise Tamang brought the trend into the limelight with her brilliantly terrifying life size Bratz Doll transformation.

You can watch her video transformation go down right here.

Makeup artist Malaysia Arivahc DROPPED MY JAW with her borderline unbelievable Bratz look.

But nobody — and I do mean NOBODY — slays the IRL Bratz look better than Matte, best known on Instagram as @missgaymatte.

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His iconic (and frankly terrifying) Bratz-esque makeovers are the stuff of makeup dreams.

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And if we're talking BratzDrag inspo, we cannot possibly overlook the QUEEN, Kim Chi.

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This green eyed Bratz look is making me weak in the knees.

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And this look, inspired by clowns and anime girls, is absolute magic.

You can watch Marion transform into a beautiful, cartoon-like doll in under a minute.

YES, literal queen!

Something about this magenta Bratz makeup is as terrifying as it is authentic.

Is it weird that this Bratz lewk is making me want to wear even more dark lipstick this fall?

This is every '90s trend we love, cartoonified and served with a major helping of creativity and excellence.

Chloe's lewk is half doll, half human, and all badass.

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Venette was BORN to be Sasha, and her look is instantly iconic.

And naturally, boys can be Bratz, too.

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But if you're not doing a literal full body Bratzformation, are you even really here for this?

One thing's for sure: Whether you're going all out with neon green eye shadow and artistically enlarged lips...

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Or you keep it a *little* more subtle...

Transforming into your favorite Bratz Doll is a childhood dream come true.

After all, it's a Bratz world — we just live in it.

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