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Blush Tribe Kaleidoscope, now $21.10

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The Kaleidoscope palette ($21.10, Blush Tribe) has 28 colors — including all rainbow colors, necessary neutrals, and metallic shades

Pat McGrath Labs MTHRSHP Subversive La Vie En Rose, $55

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The MTHRSHP Subversive La Vie En Rose ($55, Sephora) has six super pigmented shades in a mix of violets, pinks, and gold.

Coastal Scents Creative Me, $14.95

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The Creative Me palette ($14.95, Coastal Scents) is TOTALLY for people who adore neon colors.  The palette is travel size and full of mattes only. 

Too Faced Life Is A Festival, $42

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The Too Faced Life Is A Festival ($42, Sephora) has 12 eye shadows and one highlighter shade

Karity 21 Shadow In Matte, now $29

photo: Karity

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This palette has jewel, warm, cool, and neutral tones. The cool thing about this palette is you don't have to just settle for this all-matte version if you have too many mattes already. You can order this palette in these SAME colors with a different finish.. 

The three finish options are Matte, Smokey ($29.99, Karity Cosmetics), and Frost ($29, Karity Cosmetics). 

Coastal Scents Think Pink, $9.95

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Pink lovers, prepare your hearts! The Think Pink palette ($9.95, Coastal Scents) has 12 shades in a range of pinks with different palettes. 

The palette also has three neutral shades for using as a base, smoking out, and highlighting.

Make Up For Melanin Girls Glitter, $39.99

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The Glitter palette ($39.99, Makeup For Melanin Girls) has 18 pressed glitter eye shadows in a rainbow of colors

Blush Tribe Blossom Matte, $33.78

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The Blossom palette ($33.78, Blush Tribe) has 16 matte colors with sweet names like Sunflower (bold yellow) and Petunia (pink with blue undertones).

Crayon Case Box of Crayons palette, $30

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The Box of Crayons palette ($30, The Crayon Case) has 18 shadows in bright colors named after school crayons. The palette has been given the seal of approval from beauty Youtubers like Jeffree Star, Laura Lee, and Aaliyah Jay.

Juvia's Place Zulu, $17.50

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The Zulu palette ($17.50, Juvia's Place) has six bright matte shades and three metallic shimmers

NYX Cosmetics Love You So Mochi Electric Pastels, $19.99

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The NYX Love You So Mochi palette ($19.99, Target) has ten shades in a combination of pastel, jewel, and peach tones. The shadows have a silky, bouncy feel and have matte and shimmer finishes.

e.l.f. x Christian Siriano palette, $12

photo: Target

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The e.l.f. x Christian Siriano ($12, Target) was inspired by Christian Siriano's spring 2018 collection with includes fuchsias, blues, and greens. 

Kissed By JK Cosmetics, $25

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Kissed By JK Cosmetics' latest palette ($24, Kissed By JK Cosmetics) isn't serving the usual mix of mattes and simmers. The brand has created a palette that has mattes, shimmers, and pressed glitters all partying together at once!

Kat Von D x Divine palette, $38

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The Kat Von D Divine palette ($38, Sephora) has eight matte and shimmer shades. Neutrals are invited but it's the brights and greens that are the star of the show! This is the perfect alternative if you were *really* excited about the shimmery greens and blues in the fake Tarte's Icy Betch palette.

Kokie Cosmetics Artist, $15

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The Kokie Artist palette ($15, Kokie Professional) has a few neutrals — but for the most part the palette is all about those primary colors and jewel tones

Strobe Cosmetics Creepy Cute palette, $35

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The Creepy Cute palette ($35, Strobe Cosmetics) has eight neon-pastel matte eye shadows. 

The shades are: Tombstone (gray), Planchette (lavender), Creep It Real (minty green), Cold Shoulder (sky blue), Strawberry Milk (baby pink), Take A Hint (chartreuse blue), Void (black), and Third Eye (tangerine).

Beauty Creations Elsa palette, $22.99

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The Elsa palette ($22.99, Beauty Creations) has all the neutrals you need but it also has pastel, jewel tones, and earth tones!

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