Glamlite Cosmetics is on a delicious roll with its food-inspired makeup releases. The brand hit the makeup scene with its beloved Pizza Palette and quickly followed up with pizza-inspired false eyelashes. Beauty fans ate up those releases and couldn't want to come back for seconds. When the brand revealed that it would drop another eye shadow palette inspired by burgers, fans nearly lost it! 

After much teasing, Glamlite Cosmetics has finally unveiled the actual eye shadows from the palette. and sheesh, they look good enough to eat. 

Glamlite Cosmetics first teased the Burger Palette with this mouthwatering Instagram commercial. 

All the grease, fire, melting cheese, and burger-flipping was almost too much to handle. If that weren't enough of a tease, the brand cut the commercial just as the Burger Palette was being cracked opened. We could only see a half-glimpse of the last four shades in the palette. Way to keep fans feeling hungry for more! 

"Burger x Glamlite - SPRING 2019," the brand shared vaguely.

"THE WORLD'S FIRST BURGER PALETTE IS FRESH OFF THE GRILL," the brand continued in the Instagram caption. "This mouthwatering gourmet burger includes 16 of America's most delicious toppings such as ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomato, pickles, avocado, bacon, and a variety of cheeses!" 

Other than that, Glamlite Cosmetics gave no hint about a release date. All we could do was sit, be hungry, and wait!

Later, Glamlite Cosmetics blessed us with a full look at the Burger Palette packaging. 

"The Burger Palette is coming," the brand assured fans. "Are you ready for this delicious Fast Food Collection? We have so many surprises in store for you!"

The packaging looks so legit! The bold lifelike burger sitting on top of the bright red background makes me feel like I could flip it open and be greeted with a full tray of hot burgers and french fries. 

"Let’s talk about packaging," Glamlite Cosmetics further explained on Instagram.

"The Burger Palette is all about the details. I wanted to give our foodies a unique experience. Every palette comes wrapped in a checkerboard grease paper to give you that authentic 'diner' feel to it," the brand described. 

"The actual palette is made of high-quality leatherette and the top 'bun' is padded to create the feel of a real burger. This was the most expensive and complex palette we have ever manufactured. It took THREE packaging companies working together to create each palette. Most people don’t know this, but every product is fully designed by me. I learned graphic design when I was 11 years old. I spend weeks or even months working on the logos, different box designs, palette, etc. Being the designer allows me to bring my vision to life."

Glamlite Cosmetics also revealed that we'd be getting the Burger Palette in April!

"Burger Palette is launching this month and will retail for $40. We are going to be shooting the reveal campaign very soon and I’m super excited. What do you think about the packaging?" the brand asked on Instagram.

And now the Burger Palette ($40, Glamlite Cosmetics) is ACTUALLY HERE!

"The world's most delicious burger is finally off the grill and ready to be served," Glamlite Cosmetics announced. "Due to the extremely high demand, a special Burger Palette pre-order will open this Wednesday, April 10, at 8 AM (Pacific time) with orders shipping starting on April 24 in the order they were placed. Get ready for the internet to break again!!! We expect an immediate sell out so pre-order is the only way to guarantee your burger."

Translation: You can buy the Burger Palette today. Right now. You just have to be quick to make sure you can even place your order. We haven't seen a burger in such high demand since Shake Shack was born!

Of course, Glamlite Cosmetics isn't inviting us to the table with a sneak preview of the menu! 

Look at these pretty pigments! "Sneak peek of the toppings (eye shadow) Avocado, Tomatoes, and 1000 Eyeland. Who is ready for the full reveal and launch date? What colors are you hoping to see?"

OK. I'm officially obsessed with the 1000 Eyeland shade which is inspired by the delicious salad dressing that McDonald's puts on its Big Mac burgers disguised as its very own Mac Sauce. 

In case you're still skeptical about what the pigments will look like blended on an actual eye, you may want to note how POPPING the other Glamlite Cosmetics eye shadows look.

This look is from the beloved Pizza Palette. It's pretty much all the proof you need that the Glamlite Cosmetics eye shadows deserve all of the eyes, oohs, and ahhs! The hype is clearly well-earned. These shadows blend very well, and the colors pop beautifully on the eye. 

Want to scoop up your Burger Palette right now? I'd advise you to hurry! 

The palette is available right now for preorder for $40, but Glamlite Cosmetics is also giving friends another treat! You can also pay for the palette in four installments. This is a great option for anyone who needs to pay for other things, but wants to secure their spot in the burger line. 

Oh yeah, Glamlite Cosmetics wants you to know that the palette might look tasty, but you shouldn't eat it. But you knew that already, right? Don't do that. 

Now, who's hungry?!

This palette will officially drop on April 24. With the preorder situation happening two weeks ahead, it could actually sell out before that date. Make room on your beauty counter for this playful palette. Cheers to fun makeup themes and so much more to come from Glamlite Cosmetics.

Eat up!