The Burlington discount store heard Jeffree Star's accusations and threats loud and clear! Star accused the retailer of selling makeup that was stolen and expired (ew!) from his Jeffree Star Cosmetics warehouse, making it the second batch of stolen makeup he has discovered this year! Star vowed to his fans that he would get to the bottom of how his old makeup ended up on sale at Burlington, and now the retailer is falling on its sword to try to make things right. 

Jeffree Star initially called out Burlington after his loyal fans alerted him that his lipsticks were on sale there. 

"A girl in a beauty group I belong to found this @JeffreeStar lipstick at Burlington," one fan tweeted him directly. "It looks real! Can we expect to see J at discount stores now?" 

The short answer is: absolutely not!

Star swiftly shut down the idea that he would be pushing his product at discount stores.

"That product is expired and sadly stolen," Star confirmed on Twitter. "Note the old style shade label on top.  We had those in a destroy pile before they were taken. My lawyer is dealing with it and finding out how and why @burlington would ever allow this."


Star was super grateful to his fans for giving him a heads-up.

"Thank you for bringing it to my attention love," Star told the fan. Prior to the tweets he received, Star actually had no idea that his lipsticks were being sold at Burlington. He also didn't know anything about the makeup being old and expired. If it isn't one thing, then it's another with Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He's had a pretty interesting year.

This stolen, expired makeup situation happened just after Star revealed to his fans that his Jeffree Star Cosmetics warehouse had been robbed. 

According to Jeffree Star, over $2 million worth of makeup was stolen from his warehouse in the wee hours of the morning in early March. Per the security footage, he believes it was done by professionals who had intel from a former employee that the warehouse wasn't very secure. Star appeared distraught in a YouTube video as he revealed the news to fans. Among the bundles of makeup stolen was his unreleased Magic Star Concealer that he was hoping to surprise fans with later this month. 

Jeffree Star revealed that at least four people have been thrown in jail who were involved with stealing or selling his makeup.

Clearly, the FBI and the team of investigators he hired to scour the black market are both working very hard! His fans have also been hopping on the case and notifying him when they see his concealers pop up on other commerce sites. It's an all-hands-on-deck kind of thing going on in the Jeffree Star kingdom. The entire robbery situation seemed to be looking up until the Burlington news came out. 

Star blasted the company in his Instagram Stories.

"There is a pile that is called the destroy destruction pile," Star explained. "When things are expired or things are bad and old, we put them in a pile, someone comes and takes them away, and they get incinerated… There’s millions of lipsticks sold each year. We had thousands of a few shades. Somehow, these m*****f****** lipsticks that were stolen from that pile are now in Burlington in some part of the world."

Star couldn't help but wonder how Burlington could be so careless. 

"I’m so confused how any of this is happening. B****, this ain’t Marshalls and TJ Maxx," he explained. "My brand isn’t like not doing well so I gotta like sell some to someone else. B****, this is stolen items and they’re actually expired and not even good to use... B**** my brand is not discount. This is Jeffree Star."

He also insinuated on his Twitter that he would be taking legal action. 

"How many lawsuits can I serve in 1 month??? This is getting insane," he wrote. We all know that Jeffree Star does not play when it comes to anyone trying to take his brand down. He vowed on his Instagram to get to the bottom of the situation. Of course, that meant having his lawyers hit up Burlington to make a fuss.

As usual, Jeffree Star's fans also put the heat on Burlington. 

The brand couldn't even put up a casual marketing post on Twitter without a fan shooting over a warning. "Jeffree star is coming for you," the tweet said. Leave it to Jeffree Star fans to stand behind him until the end. It's safe to say Burlington was SHOOK.

Apparently, Burlington heard Star loud and clear and wants ZERO problems with the makeup mogul. 

"We are committed to selling only authentic, authorized, and legally sourced product in our stores," the brand shared in a Facebook apology directed toward Star. "We appreciate this incident being brought to our attention and we are swiftly investigating the matter. We have discontinued sales of these products and are immediately pulling remaining units from our stores. We are happy to partner with you and the authorities as you continue to look into this situation."

One fan wasn't buying Burlington's statement.

"If you didn’t get these directly from Jeffree, then that should’ve been a red flag. Your company is how big? And obviously didn’t do their research when obtaining these expired cosmetics," one fan wrote. 

She kind of has a point. Burlington didn't really go into detail about how these lipsticks ended up in so many of its stores. 

However, the apology did seem to soften Jeffree Star. He's ready to work with the retailer!

"Thank you @Burlington for reaching out and quickly addressing this issue. We will handle this behind the scenes and investigate," Star wrote back to the brand via Twitter.

Welp! It appears that Star is joining forces with Burlington to find out who exactly sold the expired lipsticks to the retailer and how they acquired them in the first place. Since Star maintained that the lipsticks had to have been stolen, it seems like this investigation is going to lead to another person being thrown in jail for theft. 

Let's hope all of this works out in the end, and that Star has fewer theft scares for the rest of the year.