Beauty brands are feeding our appetites for new makeup and food these days! We've seen pizza palettes, entire fruit collections, and even a burger eye shadow palette is on the way from Glamlite Cosmetics.

If you've been eating up these meal-inspired beauty products, then I hope you saved room for dessert! Indie brand Bombshell Cosmetica has an entire collection of candy-themed eye shadow palettes and they smell exactly like the sweets on the package.

The best part is that the brand doesn't even stop at candy-themed palettes. Bombshell Cosmetica also has a ton of other beauty products inspired by your favorite sweets.

The brand has loads of palettes meant to give you the ultimate sugar rush.

The Candylicious Palette ($40, Bombshell Cosmetica) is for anyone who loves playful colors and Nerds candy! This palette has 18 shadows in a mix of six shimmers and 12 matte finishes. The color scheme has a sweet assortment of pastels, bright shades, and necessary neutrals. 

Here's another look at the Candylicious packaging. Sweet, right?!

It actually looks just like the jumbo box of Rainbow Nerds ($1, Target) that you can buy from the local store! 

In case you're wondering how the Candylicious eye shadows blend out...

At the end of the day, swatches do not always tell the true tale, right? Ultimately, the thing that matters is how well the shadows blend out on the eye. Per this Instagram preview, the Candylicious pigments come all the way through. This icy rainbow eye is everything.

The Candilicious palette is also Cardi B–approved. 

The rapper wore shades from the Candylicious palette on her eyes for one of her performances in Puerto Rico. She opted for a warm eye look to match her fire-red sequin bodysuit. This look is proof that so many different looks can come out of such a huge and colorful palette.

If you're less of a Nerds candy fan and more into sour gummy worms, then the Sour Blast Palette ($30, Bombshell Cosmetica) is just for you.

Again, Bombshell Cosmetica nailed this packaging, which takes on the look of the Trolli Creepy Crawlers Gummy Worms ($3, Candy Crate). This palette comes with 12 shades in a mix of mattes and shimmers, warms and cools, and bold and pastel shades.

I'm especially impressed with the finish of the shimmer shades in the Sour Blast palette.

The shimmer shades appear to almost have a sugary, shimmery finish that's similar to the sugar crystals on actual gummy worms. The fact that Bombshell Cosmetica took the time to get a formula this exact makes this palette even more fun to play with.

More importantly, swatches from the Sour Blast palette look delicious. 

This is probably the part where I should iterate that this palette may look and smell edible, but it is in fact not. I know those swatches look good enough to lick. I know they smell like a sugar rush waiting to happen. Still, don't cheat yourself out of a good beat because you couldn't resist indulging in this the wrong way. Consume it properly. Your selfies are going to thank you.

Love the candy theme but want just a few more pastels? Say hello to the Oh Hubba Hubba Palette ($30, Bombshell Cosmetica).

This palette is inspired by bubble gum from the colors to its scent! Yes, you read that right. The entire palette smells like bubble gum fresh out of the pack! 

The palette has shimmers and mattes, but it focuses more on softer shades with a few bolder shades sprinkled throughout.

Seriously, if you've long been over the neutral palettes that continue to flood the market, then Bombshell Cosmetica is out to give you all the color you can handle. From bright shades to sparkly pastels to cool and jewel tones — there is literally something for everyone, no matter what your preferred flavor is.

Also, here are more drool-worthy swatches. 

Clearly, Bombshell Cosmetica want us to just overdose on candy. The brand came through with candy scents, pigments, playful packaging, and enticing swatches.

Chocolate lovers, this brand made something to suit your tastes as well.

Not everyone loves fruity flavors or colors, so Bombshell Cosmetica created the Caramelized Palette ($30, Bombshell Cosmetica). 

The Caramelized Palette has much warmer shades and a larger selection of mattes.

The palette features two transition shade options, lots of warm reds, and at least two highlighting colors. This palette allows you to create warm or cool eye shadow looks. Although the colors are pretty bold, they are also tame enough for this to work as an everyday palette.

If your passion for candy has no serious preference, then you can also order a bundle! 

The Candy Shoppe Trio ($90, Bombshell Cosmetica) offers the Oh Hubba Hubba, Caramelized, and Sour Blast palettes in one set. This way you get your pick of pastels, bright colors, shimmers, mattes, and so much more. This bundle is also perfect if you want to break the items up and spread them out as gifts. 

And at this point, is it a full collection if there aren’t lashes in the mix?!

Yes, people. There is a pair of candy-themed lashes to go with every single palette. You can order them individually or grab the Lash Tastic Multi-Pack ($30, Bombshell Cosmetica).

Now, who's ready to satisfy their sweet tooth with these playful candy-inspired beauty products? 

Also, stay tuned! The brand has already announced that it will be going beyond candy with its next release. Think cookies, burgers, and all the other comfort foods you love. 

Happy shopping and stay... hungry?