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Slush Palette ($33, September Rose Cosmetics)

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Cardi B is no stranger to neon hair colors. It only makes sense that her makeup artist would take advantage of the bright inspiration her tresses often give. La'Pearl pulled the perfect pinks from the Slush palette to match Cardi B's pink ombre hairstyle. 

Cardi B also wore Beautyblender Bounce Liquid Whip Long Wear Foundation ($40, Sephora). 

Coloured Raine Vivid Pigment Eye Shadow Palette ($50, Beauty Bay)

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Cardi B was the magazine cover queen in 2018! She scored the Entertainer of the Year award from Entertainment Weekly magazine. For the cover shoot, she slayed wearing shadows from the Coloured Raine's matte rainbow palette. She's also wearing lashes by the brand. 

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Thirsty Palette ($48, Beauty Bay)

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Cardi B served up her signature old Hollywood glamour style on the cover of People En Español. Per usual, La'Pearl whipped out two palettes for her eye art. "I used [the] @jeffreestar Blood Sugar [Palette] ($52, Jeffree Star Cosmetics) and Thirsty Palette," she wrote on Instagram.

The Neptune Palette ($27, GirljrCosmetics)

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La'Pearl used two palettes again for Cardi B's look in the "Thotiana" remix video. She wore her signature red paisley print complete with a paisley cowboy hat, chaps, and red bottoms. To match the denim part of her look, La'Pearl went for a cool-toned eye art using a The Neptune Palette ($27, GirljrCosmetics) and the Exotic Peacock Palette ($25, Pinky Rose Cosmetics).

Cosmic Horror Eye Shadow Palette ($27, LASplash Cosmetics)

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La'Pearl used the LASplash palette to create a look that matched Cardi B's pastel rainbow hair perfectly. To give Cardi's classic nude lip, she used Karina Smirnoff Liquid Lipstick ($18, LASplash Cosmetics). Although La'Pearl didn't reveal the exact lipstick shade, it is either the Trés Jolie or Flirt!

Take Me Back To Brazil Palette ($17, BH Cosmetics)

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Cardi B doesn't just reserve her bomb makeup looks for video shoots, red carpets, and Super Bowl commercials. Sometimes she just stunts on Instagram just because. La'Pearl did this eye shadow with one of the most beloved rainbow palettes in the beauty community: Take Me Back To Brazil from BH Cosmetics.