Cardi B is coming for our beauty bags so get that schmoney ready! The rapper always has her manicured hands in a new pot. To date, she's collaborated with a gang of different brands to release everything from shoes to clothing collections to lipstick. The rapper possesses a clear passion for fashion and beauty as well as music. She's known as much for her red-carpet style moments, her flashy nails, and her gorgeous makeup looks as she is for her music. It's only appropriate that she add a beauty line to her list of business ventures.

Thankfully, Cardi B recently revealed that's exactly what she plans to do!

If you know Cardi B, then you know she's obsessed with serving a bold, flawless eye shadow look on a regular basis.

She and her makeup artist, Erika La Pearl, are always serving fabulously blended looks. Cardi B isn't afraid of colors, a razor-sharp cat eye, and dramatic cut creases. Whether she's heading to the Met Gala or performing at Coachella, we always expect her makeup to be beyond on point. The look shown here is of her during Coachella wearing an eye shadow look that matches her pink, purple, and blue hairstyle.

Now Cardi B has hinted that she's got a beauty line coming in the near future!

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight about her third Fashion Nova collection for summer 2019, the rapper ventured off into a conversation about motherhood and other business ventures, including a beauty line!

“I feel like you’re such trendsetter at this point. People come to you for fashion inspiration. People come to you for beauty inspiration. When is the beauty line coming?” interviewer Katie Krause asked Cardi B.

The rapper immediately responded with one of her signature laughs. 

The rest of their chat went as follows:

“Soon?” the reporter asked.

“Very,” Cardi B confirmed.

“Can you give me a little tease?” the reporter pushed. 

“Ohh, I don’t know,” Cardi joked.  

“Something that you want to do, though?”

“Something that I want to do,” Cardi responded.

And there you have it, folks!

This is not a drill. This is not a joke. Belcalis Almanzer, better known as Cardi B, has beauty products coming soon. Prepare those coins. Pull out those calendars. Turn on those social media notifications for her Instagram and Twitter. Cardi B beauty goodies are on their way "very" soon, according to Cardi B herself. 

Although Cardi B gave zero details about exactly what products she will release, we're hoping for lipsticks, a vibrant eye shadow palette, highlighters, and fun nail products to be absolutely on brand.

The new beauty line will not be Cardi B's first venture into the cosmetics industry.

Tom Ford partnered with the rapper to create the blue Cardi B lipstick which was part of the brand's Boys & Girls collection. The lipstick was released in stores and online. This also happened right after the infamous altercation between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj at the Harper's Bazaar fashion week party. Critics predicted that the negative press would set Cardi B back with business deals. 

WRONG! The Tom Ford Cardi B lipstick sold out nearly instantly. 

Cardi B confirmed the news on her personal Instagram page. "Cardi B's Tom Ford Lipstick has already SOLD OUT," read a post on her Instagram page. "Sorry," Cardi B wrote to fans who missed out on the lipstick release. This was a limited-edition drop and only a few lucky fans were able to score that Cardo B blue. So much for bad press slowing down Cardi B's money moves.

Now, this beauty line news has us wondering which brand will have the honor of selling Cardi B's cosmetics!

There aren't too many beauty brands that wouldn't jump at the chance to collaborate with one of the hottest stars in music right now. Cardi B is also known to wear a variety of different brands ranging from drugstore to indie names to super-high-end brands like Tom Ford. She could go for the affordable drugstore brand to keep in line with her mission to provide affordable products to her fans as she's done with Fashion Nova. Then again, Cardi B has a definite thing for luxury makeup.

Cardi B did wear L'Oréal eye shadows to the 2018 American Music Awards.

Cardi B makes tons of schmoney, but she'll always be a Bronx girl who loves a great deal, especially on makeup. She'll wear drugstore makeup anytime, including when she has to strut across high-profile red carpets. The rapper wore the L'Oréal Paris Paradise Enchanted Palette ($15, Ulta) to the 2018 American Music Awards with her fabulous floral Dolce & Gabbana gown and floral hairpiece. 

The red and pink shades brought out the colors in her dress perfectly, and the palette cost only $15. That's pennies to a millionaire like Cardi B, but also affordable for regular makeup lovers like us! I wouldn't be surprised at all if the rapper opted to drop products with a budget-friendly brand, as she's done with Steve Madden and Fashion Nova.

Then again, Cardi B wears A LOT of Pat McGrath. Like, A LOT. 

Cardi B may wear Pat McGrath makeup more than any other brand. We know for a fact that one of Erika La Pearl's favorite Pat McGrath eye shadow palettes to use on Cardi B is the Pat McGrath Mothership Bronze Seduction Palette ($125, Sephora). She wore shades from this palette to the infamous 2018 Harper's Bazaar party, during Milan's 2018 Fashion Week, during Paris Fashion Week the same year, and even during a performance for the Power 105 radio station!

Need more proof that Cardi B loves wearing Pat McGrath? She wore the Mothership Bronze Seduction Palette yet again to this year's Met Gala!

Aside from Cardi B's go-to palette, she was also wearing a blend of two Pat McGrath MatteTrance Lipsticks ($38, Sephora). One was the crimson shade Guinevere and the other is a dark red called Vendetta! For a little extra glow, Erika La Pearl also used the Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Highlighter And Balm Duo ($48, Sephora). Pat McGrath gushed over the look on her Instagram and shared step-by-step directions to achieve it. 

So yeah, Cardi B and Pat McGrath hang a little tight. Hold on to your wigs and pinch those pennies in case these two fabulous women join forces to drop one of the dopest collections I've ever dreamt up in my head. 

Or, you know, Cardi B could grow the Fashion Nova empire and drop its first legit makeup collection.

That will be an interesting way to further her relationship with Fashion Nova. However, if she went with another brand, it would most certainly expand her reach as an individual entity. Also, it will offer an alternative for her fans who prefer to avoid Fashion Nova after learning about its questionable ethics concerning indie designers, alleged colorism, and size exclusion. 

Anywho, stay tuned for more news on Cardi B makeup. It'll all tumble out very soon!