Cardi B is always on point with her makeup looks thanks to her go-to makeup artist, Erika La'Pearl. From her foundation to her highlight to her eye art, we cannot stop fawning over the many looks the rapper wears to coincide with her stylish ensembles.

We find ourselves most fascinated by the many color combinations and eye shadow palettes that La'Pearl pulls from to keep Cardi B looking beautifully beat. The rapper wears a ton of palettes by indie, drugstore, and high-end brands alike! 

But there are two eye shadow palettes by one cult-favorite brand that La'Pearl returns to over and over and over again! 

Erika La'Pearl is always dipping into the Pat McGrath Mothership Bronze Seduction Palette ($125, Sephora).

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Pat McGrath Labs launched the Mothership palette in September 2018, and die-hard beauty fans were immediately obsessed with its rich, warm pigments almost instantly! The palette also has two color-shifting shades, VR Fire Opal and Astral Luna Gold.

Cardi B looks FLAWLESS wearing the shades from this palette and she's worn them multiple times. 

Cardi B wore shades from the palette to go with her red ruffled Dolce & Gabbana dress for the 2018 Harper's Bazaar party.

Yes, that Harper's Bazaar party. If you're going to make headlines for throwing shoes at one of your music contemporaries on one of the biggest nights of New York Fashion Week, then you'd better have a luxury beat while you do it. 

Also, remember how gorgeous she looked wearing her head-to-toe animal print Dolce & Gabbana ensemble for Milan Fashion Week in September 2018? 

The warm eye shadow look she wore to set the ensemble off is Mothership V again! La'Pearl's eye art made for the perfect pop of color for an otherwise neutral-toned Fashion Week getup.

Erika La'Pearl keeps endless looks in the tuck with this Pat McGrath palette. 

This is Cardi at one of her headlining performances for Power 105! Her gold and reddish-orange eye makeup beautifully complemented her long, orange hair accessorized by gold hoops. 

Even when we cannot even see the full look, Erika La'Pearl opts for Mothership V!

Clearly, La'Pearl and Cardi B have a palette preference. While Mothership V is gorgeous and the shadows blend like a dream, it's understandable if you're wont to pull off similar warm, bronzed looks without paying that $125 price tag. 

When La'Pearl isn't pulling Mothership V from her beauty bag, she's reaching for a much brighter and slightly more affordable Pat McGrath palette: Mothership Subversive La Vie En Rose ($56, Sephora).

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This palette is all about different shades of pinks and purples with a single gold metallic shade in the mix. The standout shade is that neon pink, which shows up like a dream on all skin tones. Yes to inclusive eye shadow pigments. Foundation isn't the only area that needs improvement when it comes to catering to all complexions, and Pat McGrath has been ahead of the curve since her first official makeup launch!

One of Cardi B's most iconic beauty moments was undoubtedly her red-carpet appearance for the 2019 Grammy Awards.

The rapper looked like a stunning sea witch in vintage Mugler, and the La Vie En Rose palette added to the glam. Shades from the palette were the perfect way to highlight the nude and light pink hues in Cardi B's eye-catching look.

La'Pearl whipped up yet another pink eye shadow look for another Cardi B appearance in December 2018. 

With only six shades in the La Vie En Rose palette, it's quite amazing how many looks La'Pearl has finagled with it! It's also unsurprising since pink eye shadow looks seem to be her go-to for many of Cardi B's appearances.

If you want to save a few dollars while achieving the same looks as Cardi B, then your Revelist squad is here to save the day.

We scouted out the best dupes that will give you the Cardi B-inspired tease you're going for without that mega-superstar price. Ahead you'll find all the best affordable dupes for the Pat McGrath Mothership Bronze Seduction and Subversive La Vie En Rose palettes!

Morphe 9N About Last Night Artistry Palette ($12, Ulta)

photo: Ulta

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Boom! This palette is super close to Mothership V. The best part about this mini Morphe palette is that it's only $12! 

Phoenix Ultimate Shadow Palette ($18, Ulta)

photo: Ulta

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This NYX palette is probably the best dupe in the lineup in terms of shade options and price because it has a shade to cover almost every color in Mothership V, plus a few extra hues that are not in the Pat McGrath lineup, like those yellows and oranges! A lot of palettes I found with a warm, red theme still lacked the deep matte black from Mothership V, but this one has the black and brown matte shades.

Moira Beauty Discover Me Destiny Eye & Face Palette ($22, Riley Rose)

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With this palette, you get more than just the matching shades to Pat McGrath's Mothership V palette. You also get three coordinating highlighters and a blush shade. Score!

Morphe x Jaclyn Hill The Vault Ring the Alarm Eyeshadow Palette ($15, Ulta)

photo: Ulta

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This palette has a lot more orange options, but it also has a lot of the gold, bronze, and rose gold tones you're looking for. The Secret shade (matte brown) is similar to the matte brown shade in Mothership V, although Secret is a touch cooler than the Pat McGrath palette. I especially love that this Jaclyn Hill palette has a shade, called Lolli, that's similar to the Rose Gold shimmer in the Mothership V palette.

LAWLESS The One Eye Shadow Palette ($64, Sephora)

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This palette is probably the best option on the list in terms of colors. It has a matte black, a matte brown plus the perfect assortment of shimmers in the same metallic colors from the Mothership V. In addition to the easy duping, word on the beauty streets is that this palette is underrated yet SUPER pigmented.

Huda Beauty Ruby Obsessions Palette ($27, Sephora)

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I was actually super torn between two eye shadow palettes in the Huda Beauty Obsessions collection. The Ruby palette offers up more of the shimmery finishes that are available in the Mothership V palette. 

If you prefer browns with a red undertone, then the Huda Beauty Warm Browns Obsessions Palette is also a great contender since it offers the reds and browns — although there are fewer shimmer finishes in that palette.

Make-Up Atelier Pink Violet Tones Eye Shadow Palette ($35, Beautylish)

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This palette is almost a perfect dupe for La Vie En Rose since it has varying pink and purple matte shades. The only necessary shade it's missing is the shimmery gold hue from the Pat McGrath palette but you could use a highlighter or shimmery shade from a palette you already own! 

RealHer Conquer From Within Eye Shadow Palette ($24, Macy's)

photo: Macy's

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The RealHer Conquer From Within Palette has a nice assortment of pinks and purples to make it a proper dupe for La Vie En Rose. I love that there are pinks and purples ranging from light to very deep.

Fem Rosa Karrueche x ColourPop She Shadow Palette ($16, ColourPop Cosmetics)

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The Karrueche Tran palette has lots of pink options that are similar to the shades in La Vie En Rose but it also has the metallic finishes, deep reds, and gold tones that will help you pull off some of the same looks from Mothership V.