December is finally here, the holidays are around the corner, and that means it's time to get FESTIVE.

Just for inspiration, here are 28 Christmas eye makeup looks perfect for slaying at EVERY party you go to this season.

Who says Christmas trees are the only places for ornaments this year?

And yes, you can stilll have a white Christmas even if it doesn't snow. 

Sparkles are *always* in season, but they're super special for the holidays.

Candy canes, anyone?

Her eyelashes look like pine tree branches after snowfall! It's so angelic. 

Throw a wreath in the corner, and it's automatically a party! 

Make the Christmas lights a little brighter this season with this look.

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Turn your eyes into a gift all their own with these golden sparkles on top of a smoky red eye.

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Christmas colors with a sleek, metallic finish. 

Keep it bright and bold like Rudolph's nose this year. 

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Bring snow flakes *and* peppermint candy canes to your first holiday party of the year with this look.

With a candy cane stripe, a Gingerbread man, and nails to match — this entire look is super sweet.

The Christmas lights stretching from the tree across the eye lid is pure genius. And peep how the nails match the blue mascara! 

Snowflakes and sparkles in abundance, baby!

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If you're not over Halloween but you're *way* into Christmas, then... this one's for you.

And just in case you really plan to take it there this season, here's an equally innovative way to incorporate an ornament.

Never mind the presents under the tree — your holiday eye makeup is about to be the real gift.

Santa, baby! 

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A snowflake, Santa hat, red glitter, and eye shadow make this a cool, clean look for Christmas.

Get your brows in the Christmas spirit to match your eyeshadow!

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas! 

The tree won't be the only thing LIT this year if you go with this glitter eye with a snowman to cap it off. 

Pick out a Christmas tree this year for what? It's all on the eyes baby! 

What's a holiday season without a LOT of snow and glitter? 

This look is simple, yet festive. 

Sigh. Makeup is *literally* such a gift.