Makeup lovers are having a ball this holiday season. 

They already made Christmas tree brows happen — but now their creativity and Christmas spirit  has them turning holiday makeup way, way up.

Say hello to the Christmas tree face!

It's extra, but what more accurate way to show off your love for the holiday season?

Winter vibes and the Christmas spirit came together to make this snowy pines look.

Into it?

When your face looks like this, it's entirely appropriate to have people set their gifts at your feet.

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Why not?

You can stop feeling bad about not putting up a tree this year. 

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You ARE the tree, babe.

Actually, you are a BUNCH of trees. 

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It takes a special brand of extra to pull this off, but I believe in you.

Screw it, be the whole Christmas night. 

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Think about it...that's an even bigger task than what Santa has. If there's no Christmas night, ain't no Santa bih!

If you'd like to bring only *some* drama , then no worries. Just do half your face. 

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This is FINE. This is legit. This is LIT. 

For a look that requires less makeup but still brings the drama — go with Christmas tree brows, then change the game with a wreath mouth.

Yep. Festive AF.

Scare the crap out of someone this Christmas with this holiday...wound?

How we got here — that's to be determined. But well, here we are. Christmas tree makeup just got a very gory makeover.