Beauty lovers know that you can never have too many eye shadows, which is why Coloured Raine is sprinkling more rainbow magic into your makeup collection this October. 

The indie brand is set to release four all-new mini eye shadow palettes that cover the entire Roy G. Biv spectrum. You know, because color is life.

The brand first teased the "Berry Cute" palette on Instagram, which is full of pretty, warm shades.

The shade names of the Berry Cute palette ($36, Coloured Rain) left to right are: Pinkleberry, Purpleberry, Platinumberry, Kissberry, Pomeberry, and Loveberry. 

Side effect: An enduring addiction to purple shades this fall.

But the brand wasn't done. Behold: ALL FOUR PALETTES have officially been revealed!

Tearing up yet? LOOK AT ALL THE COLORS!

Each palette will have six shades and cost $36.

The Berry Cute and Beauty Rust palettes have all of the warm looks you could possibly want, while Smoke Show and Lovelies (which is a vegan palette!) have the cool side covered. 

The Lovelies swatches alone are like candy for your eyes.

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The Berry Cute swatches also deserve your attention.

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Now that your eyes have swelled into hearts, check out this fierce look done by Makeup By Alo with the Berry Cute palette.

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Or maybe the Smoke Show is your jam?

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Exactly. It's INSANE.

All of this color will be pouring down on the Coloured Raine site this October — we'll keep you posted on the exact date of the launch!