ColourPop and pop singer Becky G are taking beauty fans on a lovely trip to Mexico with their latest collaboration. The pair initially worked together on Becky G's first ColourPop collection which also paid homage to Latin roots. Now, they're back at it again with what looks like their brightest collection yet! This time around, Becky G unveiled her new Viva makeup collection in a YouTube makeup session with beauty influencer Nikkie Tutorials! 

Becky G and Nikkie Tutorials showed off every piece of the new Viva collection in this fun YouTube video.

This was actually Becky G's first time seeing her final products in the official packaging, too! She and Nikkie Tutorials swooned over the new colors. Then, the beauty influencer got to work on trying the Viva collection out on Becky G herself! She used the Super Shock shadows from the new Viva collection along with the shadows from Becky G's Salvaje Pressed Powder Shadow Palette ($18, ColourPop).

Here's the final Becky G look beat by Nikkie Tutorials look.

Check out that bold gold, baby! "Had sooo much fun playing with makeup with my girl @nikkietutorials. She did my make up and created this amazing look, you guys!! Check out our new YouTube video for a special sneak peek of something coming very soon," Becky G teased her fans. 

The Becky G Viva collection includes these four new Super Shock shadows! 

These shadows are for people who ADORE a shimmery metallic finish. The shades included are Cielo (metallic blue), Oro (metallic gold), Verano (bright metallic orange), and Rosa (bright metallic pink). Each eye shadow looks incredibly pigmented. If you're already aware of ColourPop's newly launched Orange collection, then perhaps you'll love that Verano shade. It's the perfect introduction to the color orange if you aren't ready to go with an entire palette.

The Viva collection also includes three new lip gloss shades. 

The shades are Steph (a shimmery champagne hue), B (a peachy nude), and Ale (reddish-brown). Per the swatches, these glosses are pretty thick and creamy. They likely provide medium to full lip coverage. These shades will be available in the Viva Lip Ultra Glossy Lip Bundle.

Becky G fans are freaking out! 

"My girls are going to flip! Huge Becky G fans," one mom wrote. "Here for it," another person replied simply. Several fans are already deciding exactly what they'll buy from the collection. Per the comments, people are especially stoked about the sky blue Cielo eye shadow color.

If you'd like another look at how the new Becky G shadows look, then prepare your heart.

Cielo has already stolen fans' hearts by the swatch alone. Still, I'm already declaring the Rosa shade a winner as well. Just look at how bright it is on Becky G's eyes! She's also wearing her new lip gloss in the B shade which looks super beautiful. 

Excited to have Becky G's new ColourPop makeup in your beauty bag? 

You're in luck! This makeup announcement isn't going to tease you for long. The new Viva collection drops on Friday, July 6 at 10 a.m. PST. That's 1 p.m. EST. Set your alarms and prepare to scoop up your new goodies before they sell out.