Birds of a feather are flocking to ColourPop's new peacock-themed collection, Bye Bye Birdie. This collection is a burst of luxurious purples, pinks, golds, and burgundy, all fit for the most beautiful bird in the party. And I mean that literally — a flock of peafowl is called a party. Who knew?!

This collection is also perfect for the myriad holiday parties that await this season. With rich mauves and moody oxbloods, you'll be all set as you flaunt your favorite velvets. The full collection includes a full suite of products, including an eye shadow palette, mascara and eyeliner, bold lip colors, and flirty false lashes. Get ready to shake your tail feather.


Bye Bye Birdie shadow palette, $18 ($14.40 for a limited time only), at ColourPop

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The grand dame of the collection, the Bye Bye Birdie shadow palette, is every bit as glorious as you'd expect. Look at these colors! There are rosy tones, mauves, deep burgundy, peachy pinks, and white pressed glitter that will knock the crows off their perches. The palette shadows come in four finishes: "matte, metallic, Pressed Glitter, and Super Shock formulas." Get to flying!


Chick Magnet set, $24 ($19.20 for a limited time only), at ColourPop

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These false lashes are so gorgeous, you'll be batting your lashes like a peacock waves its feathers. The Chick Magnet lash set comes with three faux mink lashes, each in a varying grade of ostentation (which is another name for a flock of peafowl!). Despite the name, they are not magnetic lashes; you'll have to attach them the old-school way, with lash glue and prayers.


Birds of a Feather kit, $20 ($16 for a limited time only), at ColourPop

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I'm swooning over the Birds of a Feather kit, which contains all the oxblood goodies I'll ever need. It comes with a BFF Mascara, Créme Gel Liner, and Gel pot liner in a sumptuous red-purple shade. To avoid the pink-eye look, use a shimmery shadow on the lids and keep the eyeliner tight and winged to make it appear as deliberate as possible. The ducks won't know what hit 'em.


Feather Gradient + Ombré Purple nail art decals, $7 ($5.60 for a limited time only), at ColourPop

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Decorate your talons with these easy-to-use nail wraps. They adhere over your nail or acrylic, and you can trim off the excess to get a perfect shape. This set comes in two flavors: feather accents and a purple gradient, giving you lots of creative freedom.


Bye Bye Birdie collection, $172 ($137.60 for a limited time only), at ColourPop

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For the baddest bird on the block, the full Bye Bye Birdie collection is available. You get two nail wrap kits, four Jelly Much eye shadows, six lip colors in the blotted lip and gloss formulas, four highlighter stix, the eye shadow palette, all three false lashes, and the liners and mascara. It's beyond glorious for the ultimate peacock. Let the hens gossip while you flash your dazzling eyes at the cutest albatross in the room.

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