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If there's one thing the world needs, it's more rainbow makeup. And yes, I'm saying that without sarcasm. I mean that completely earnestly. And now the reigning champ of bright eye shadow, Colourpop, has just released a full collection of rainbow makeup for makeup fans of all ages. The End of the Rainbow collection includes new colors of the brand's unrivaled pressed power eye shadow and new bundles of its BFF colored mascara, Jelly Much eye shadow, Fourth Ray Beauty Face Milks, and more.

She's beauty, she's grace, SHE'S A RAINBOW!

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The star of the collection is the She's A Rainbow palette, which is a 24-pan palette stunner, featuring three finishes (matte, glitter, and metallic) and seven new colors! It retails for $40, and you can bet I'm adding it to my cart immediately.

Look at those swatches!!!

We also have swatches of the eye shadow, and they're as pigmented as we know and love Colourpop's formula to be. Trendmood reports that there are seven new shades joining the Colourpop fam: 

"Worth it - baby pink 
Lookin’ Fresh - pale mint 
Hold Me Down - metallic vibrant pink with blue flecks 
No Scrubs - pastel lime 
Brick Road - vivid pinky red 
Hard Place - bright red orange 
Bright Tempo - dark blue with silver flecks" 

There's a new BFF colored mascara bundle!

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As part of the collection, Colourpop has released a new bundle of its BFF Volumizing Mascara in five shades: Pink Inc, Lovers’ Coral, Yellow Goodbye, Kiss ’N Teal, and Purple Prose. The bundle will retail for $40 — a savings of $3 per tube! It retails for $38.

There's also a bundle of sold-out BFF Crème Gel Eyeliners!

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We've also got a new bundle of the Colourpop BFF Crème Gel Liners, in previously sold-out shades. The Over-Chromatic collections include, from left: Puppy (vibrant orange), Crssd (neon yellow), Electric Daisy (neon green), Prance (not sold out, but still a very cute baby blue), Puppy (vibrant orange), and Piggy Bank (vivid red violet). It retails for $20.

Brushes! Five of 'em!

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The new collection even includes a four-piece brush set, to really get the most out of that huge eye shadow palette. The Mad About Huge brush set contains a slanted eyeliner brush, a regular-size and smaller blending brush, a medium shader brush, and a small fluff brush. It retails for $20.

The Rainbow Road eye shadow bundle is S T U N N I N G.

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The Rainbow Road 4-piece bundle, $20, is giving us serious Mario Kart vibes. It features two Jelly Much eye shadows, a Super Shock Pigment, and a Super Shock eye shadow. That pink duochrome Jelly Much eye shadow is especially stunning!

And the End of the Rainbow collection also includes skin care!

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And for the pot at the End of the Rainbow collection: a bundle of five Fourth Ray Beauty Face Milks. The formula is light, breezy, and will make your skin glow like shiny gold coins. It comes with Watermelon, Papaya, Açaí, Matcha, and Turmeric, and retails for $35.

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