ColourPop isn't done splashing our beauty bags with bright monochrome makeup collections just yet! The brand has been on a roll with launching monochrome collections including green, blue, pink, and the most recent yellow palette. The yellow palette alone had ColourPop fans in a frenzy and left plenty of broken hearts when it sold out. Now, ORANGE you happy that ColourPop is releasing a makeup collection dedicated to the bright, beautiful, and bold color orange?!

Make room in your makeup bags for this new product release from ColourPop!

Meet the new Orange You Glad eye shadow palette that just dropped on the ColourPop website this Wednesday.

As usual, this ColourPop palette comes with nine shades in a mix of eye-catching matte, metallic, and glitter finishes. What sets this palette apart is that every single color available in the eye shadow palette is in the orange family! Some of the standout shades in the palette are Rise N Grind (a matte orange), Tangerine Dreams (a metallic mid-tone red-orange), and Clementine (a light orange shimmery shade with a copper flip). The best part about the orange shade is that it's probably one of the colors that truly flatters every single skin tone. 

If you aren't into buying a full eye shadow palette, then the Orange collection also comes with four eye shadow singles.

The Super Shock Shadow Foursome ($20, ColourPop) comes with the shades Flipper (soft tangerine with silver glitter reflects), Monkey Business (matte neon red), Bubble Bee (metallic bright yellow-orange), and Let Me Pass (pumpkin spice orange with gold glitter). Each of these shadows comes from the orange or red family. Another thing to note about this orange collection is that it's a hit for multiple seasons. The shades will look like fire as we usher in the summer's end, but orange is also very much a fall color! 

ColourPop also threw in an orange-themed brush set.

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Eh, to be honest, this brush set is a little underwhelming. It simply could have been designed better. ColourPop put more of the fun into the packaging, which most people are just going to throw away. This could have been stepped up a notch had the brushes had even the simplest orange design on the handles as opposed to the plain white design. 

ColourPop did do a wonderful job with offering multiple makeup sets within the Orange collection. 

I stan a brand that provides different options at different price points, and ColourPop certainly nailed this. The brand has six different orange-themed sets within the collection, and the count is nine if you include the multiple duos. Some of the duos included lip glosses and matching Blush Stix from the collection ColourPop released a few months ago. The Simply The Zest set ($20, ColourPop) shown here shows the Orange You Glad eye shadow palette with two matching Créme Gel Liners. 

The largest set available, of course, features every single product in the Orange collection. 

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The Orange You Sweet Set ($88, ColourPop) comes with every single beauty product. If you're a huge ColourPop fan or simply in love with the color orange, then skip the smaller sets and gun for this one, because it's perfect. It features the brush set, lip gloss duos, blush duos, lipstick duos, four eye shadow singles, and the Orange You Glad eye shadow palette. You can use it all or you and a friend could split it up. 

ColourPop fans are already making plans to grab the orange collection ASAP.

"Yaaaassss!!! Another vegan collection. THANK YOU," one fan wrote. "Why would you do this to me on payday week?" another person shared. "I’m buying everything here to make the custom charges worth it." "Just might make another purchase," another fan wrote.

Need another reason to justify buying up everything in this Orange-themed makeup collection?

ColourPop is making everything so easy! The brand offers free US shipping for all orders over $30. You get free shipping on global orders if your order is over $50. The entire collection just dropped this Wednesday, which means, yes, you can scoop all of your must-haves this very minute. If you see something you adore, I suggest you scoop up your faves ASAP before it sells out like the yellow-themed collection before it.