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photo: Splash News

There are plenty of talented makeup artists on Instagram showing off their skills — from spooky skeletons to bubbly and colorful Lisa Frank–inspired creations.

One under-the-radar trend is painting actual constellations in stellar detail all across the face. From intricate eye shadow designs to expansive collarbone pieces, there are plenty of ways to try out the celestial style. 

Galaxy freckles and makeup stars aren't new in the beauty world, but taking the time to decorate your face in literal constellation re-creations is everything for our astrology-loving hearts. 

This Pisces constellation is for the sensitive and intuitive star sign. 

The constellation takes up the entire right half of this artist's face. She decorated the background with a galaxy purple shade and dotted the stars in white, connecting them with a white line. Trish, the self-taught artist, finished off the overall look with a dark blue lip. 

The tiny stars dotted across this artist's face are actual perfection. 

Creating the actual stars is one of the trickiest parts of the look. Clearly this artist knows what she's doing, because the stars in the look are intricate and detailed. It's unclear which constellation was being imitated, but the overall design is dreamy. 

Who says a constellation look should be simple? This artist went all the way out. 

Dotting their entire face with a galaxy design, Kandice, aka @beautybykandi, created the perfect bluish-purple shade that mimicked a night sky. Then she painted a detailed Scorpio constellation across her cheeks. Thinking of her fans, she shared a tutorial of the entire look. 

A steady hand is necessary to complete this detailed eye shadow look. 

This night sky look features a Cassiopeia constellation and a little half moon. Plus, the artist Ava Tyler shared another look from fellow makeup artist Zaina B. Their look was based on the constellation Lyra and featured magical cotton-candy clouds. 

The constellation Gemini is the twins of the astrological chart. 

This artist included both the constellation and the symbol of the Gemini sign. Rochelle Anne Green also captioned her post in support of her fellow Gemini sisters. "There is such a stigma around Geminis and being two-faced. But it's not true. They are the kindest hearts that brighten your day and give you strength," she wrote. 

One artist took the constellation design to a whole new — magical — level. 

What's better than celestial designs? When someone pairs them with a unicorn, of course. The artist designed some stunning constellations around her gorgeous magenta-shaded eyes. Plus, she topped off the look with a pearly unicorn horn. 

One artist is in the middle of a star sign series. 

Alex Velour created an Aquarius look behind a sky blue abstract design for one of the air signs. The artist decided the celestial style was worth continuing and has gone on to complete a Scorpio one as well. Plus, her eyebrows are absolutely groomed to perfection. 

This makeup look is just as beautiful on collarbones, too. 

There's so much extra space to attempt the complicated design, so beginners could try out the look on décolletage before going for a more intricate look. The gorgeous lavender shade looks just like an animated night sky, and is blended to the gods. This would make for a great Halloween costume on its own, paired with a strapless top. 

One artist fit so many specific constellations on his face. 

This artist attempted a watercolor adaptation of the look, and fit five separate constellations around his mouth and cheeks. The simple design is clear, and his tutorial made it seem doable. The artist, Leon, wrote in his caption, "I created this look attempting to make a watercolour effect but it was hard to achieve that look and make it read watercolour so here’s this attempt … but I was super happy with the constellations I created." 

The absolute ultimate smoky eye has to have a constellation. 

Next time you're feeling an extra night out, skip the basic smoky eye and go for an over-the-top one. The black and gold constellation looks elaborate and sexy, but according to the artist, it was not easy to achieve. "Let me tell you guys, this constellation inspired smoky eye was hell and a half to create. I absolutely cannot paint stars, apparently, and ended up having to take them off and apply little gold temporary tats instead," they wrote in the caption. I'd say the trouble was worth it, though.