I hate to say it, but we really have Kim Kardashian to thank for contouring. Sure, the makeup application method itself has been around for practically forever, but us mere peasants had no idea it existed until Kardashian and her right-hand makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic — not did we know how to pull it off.

But once Dedivanovic and Kardashian began sharing their makeup secret with the world, it became a must-know technique that's still going strong almost a decade later. And though there are endless contouring and highlighting tutorials from influencers on YouTube and Instagram, very few of them hold the clout and professional expertise as a makeup artist.

There are plenty of hard dos and don'ts when it comes to contouring, but that doesn't mean the process needs to involve seventeen products and whole mess of brushes and multi-shade palettes. Below, learn the simplest tips and tricks for contouring that will simplify everything you know about the makeup trend.

Dust off that mirror and get to beating that face — it's time to relearn how to contour all over again.

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