Oh, Lime Crime — there truly are no other beauty brands to date quite as controversial as you. That polarizing reputation didn't come out of nowhere. It's mostly due to the... er, questionable actions of brand founder Doe Deere, but it's also due to some of Lime Crime's products.

Lime Crime has released more than a handful of products with distasteful themes, poor quality management, and no-so-great reviews. Here are the top eight that merely contributed to the brand's infamy:


The mica pigments that launched Lime Crime, which at the time was frequently accused of repackaging pigments from other indie brands.

lime crime repackaging
photo: Lipsticks and Lightsabers

The cigarette-themed lipstick collection marketed towards young moms for Mother's Day 2017.


The Superfoil eye shadow duos that earned mass complaints of moldy and rusted pans.


The China Doll palette Doe Deere defended against cultural appropriation claims.

lime crime china doll
photo: Lime Crime Blogazine Archvie

The Velvetine matte liquid lipsticks the FDA inspected for mislabeling and potential toxicity in 2015.


The Venus XL eye shadow palette fans said "looks like a knockoff."


The aquarium makeup brushes internet users claimed to have found on mass manufacturer AliExpress before Lime Crime launched its own version at more than double the price.


The Dark Unicorn Hair dye that actively achieved nothing on the dark hair it was allegedly designed for.

lime crime unicorn hair review
photo: Revelist