Listen, I get it. The temptation to give in and buy counterfeit makeup can be very strong. In the age of Instagram- and influencer-driven beauty brands, limited-edition collections are the norm, and they sell out quicker than you could ever imagine. Rather than setting an alarm, waiting in a long, digital line, and maybe getting the products you want, wouldn't it be a whole lot easier to buy a really convincing fake one online and call it a day? Yeah, probably.

Another upside to fake makeup? Most of the time, it's far cheaper than the real thing. Why spend $60 on a limited-edition palette when you can take your sweet time and pay less than half that price?

Um, I'll tell you why: your health. I know, I sound like a staunch mother who doesn't let you do anything fun, but counterfeit makeup can seriously threaten your skin. Studies have shown over the course of the past five years that while fake beauty products continue to soar in popularity, their contents can and have caused serious harm. Google "counterfeit makeup reaction" and you'll find countless pictures of swollen lips, infected eyes, and gnarly skin breakouts. 

Don't believe me? Take it from The Doctors, who just shared a scary new investigation that found some seriously messed-up ingredients in faux Too Faced and MAC products.