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First up, she turned herself into the half sea-witch, half Little Mermaid of your dreams (or perhaps I mean nightmares?)

Ariel / Ursula even comes complete with dinglehopper.

This Maleficent / Sleeping Beauty monster mashup is almost TOO amazing.

Those cheekbones, tho!

Jasmine and Jafar might just be my favorite look yet — Jasmine is SO REALISTIC, while Jafar maintains the freely drawn cartoon style from the movie.

And quite apart from the special effects aspect of these transformations, this is just STUNNING makeup.

Like, I would wear this to the grocery store. I love it.

Getting a little more contemporary, Aisha also Frankensteined the evil Red Queen together with the Mad Hatter from the live action "Alice in Wonderland."

Feather brows = iconic.

But she doesn't just suture Disney characters together; here's Batman vs Superman rendered in 100% makeup.

Those pecs, tho.

And she embodies the spirit of some of NYC's most famous street art.

She's also educating the next generation on the importance of a power lip, which is God's work.

Aisha's talent is INSANE, and I cannot wait to see what incredible looks she serves us next.

Which is your favorite princess / villain combination? Which pair do you think Aisha should mash up next?

I'm kind of hoping for a Snow White lewk myself, but I'm biased. Tell me in the comments, or head on over to Facebook!