Stop everything! Amazon has beauty products at dollar-store prices just waiting for beauty junkies to make it rain and pluck them from their digital shelves. We combed through their selection and found 15 products that made us do a double take and want to give them a try.


Removing gel polish at home with these reusable nail clips looks so much easier than the flimsy aluminum foil method, and reviewers agree.

"These helped a ton! I could put them all on myself and they will save money with not having to use foil. 10 minutes and my shellac came right off," one buyer wrote. 10Pcs Acrylic Nail Art UV Gel Polish Remover Wrap Cleaner Clip Caps, $1;


The texture of this petite silicone brush cleaning tool speeds up the processes.

Many reviewers agree that it has made their lives easier. HeroNeo® Cleaning MakeUp Washing Brush Silica Glove Scrubber Board in Green, $1;


Dry skin will be forever grateful for a healthy dose of cocoa butter and this Queen Helene stick has a lot of supporters on Amazon.

"I've bought other brands of 100% cocoa butter sticks that were so hard, you could not slide them across your skin without pulling at your skin. Not so with this brand," according to one reviewer. Well, that's a benefit we didn't know we were looking for. Queen Helene Cocoa Butter Stick, $2;


A drying stand for your reusable makeup sponges is a genius idea!

We can totally see this helping keep dust, dirt, and germs away. MALLOOM 1PC Cute Chicken Feet Makeup Sponge Drying Rack, $2;


This liquid liner is a total steal and its four-star rating has peaked our curiosity.

The reviews are split but for the price it's worth a try. e.l.f. Expert Liquid Liner in Jet Black, $1;


This fluffy face brush has so many fans!

Messages like this one are all over the reviews: "I bought this brush thinking it would be small but I was pleasantly surprised when I received it. It's a good size brush that I've used for highlight. No odd smell when I received it, great price and works great. Picks up highlight with no problem and distributes the highlight evenly." ACE Professional Single Makeup Brush Blush, $2;


This clear nail-art stamper will take the guesswork out of the placement of your designs.

One reviewer made a strong case for why this product is a winner: "LOVE IT!! It is squishier than some of my stampers and not quite as squishy as others but it was so easy to use and being clear I can position my stamp perfectly! I find with the really squishy stampers they distort my image on my nails... and the harder ones you have to roll the image... this one is the best of both worlds. I highly recommend it!!" Sannysis Transparent Nail Art Stamping Stamper Scraper Image Plate Manicure Print Tool DIY, $2;


You can use these sponges with any polishes in your collection to create gradient manicures.

"They worked amazing for this project. You have to use a lot of nail polish, but the sponges worked perfectly with them," a customer explained in the reviews. 12pcs Gradient Nails Soft Sponges for Color Fade Manicure, $1;


A wearable nail polish holder can make doing your nails yourself a breeze.

No one likes to fumble around with nail polish bottles. OVERMAL Wearable Nail Polish Bottle Rack in Purple, $2;


A great waterproof liquid liner at this price almost seems too good to be true — until we read the reviews.

The long wait time for the product to arrive is beyond worth it, according to customers. Sankuwen Eyeliner Pen in Black, $1;


What better way to give nail stickers a try than with an affordable set?

This design brings the universe to your finger tips. Winstonia Designer Nail Wrap in Milky Way, $2;


The handles on this set of nail-dotting tools are so fun to look at!

The fact that they are good for multiple uses doesn't hurt either. "These tools are awesome! I mostly use them to apply rhinestones to my nails, but they also work well for designs. There is a nice variety of sizes so you can get the exact tip you need. The handles are comfortable, and they come in a nice storage pouch to keep everything nicely organized. Good price, good product," one reviewer wrote. 5 Piece 2-Way Dotting Pen Tool Nail Art Kit, $2;


These fruit slices were made for an over-the-top summer manicure.

Kids would lose it over these too. 144pcs 3D FIMO Slice Fresh Fruit Face Nail Art Decoration, $2;


Nail art junkies will have a field day with a cool assortment of nail studs.

You can definitely get your creative juices flowing with a variety pack. Tenworld 300 pcs 3D Design Nail Art Different Metallic Studs Gold & Silver Stud Wheel Manicure, $2;


We never thought about giving our DIY skin care products a home with an exclusive miniature set of tools and a bowl until we saw this.

It's so cute! Rosallini Packed 4 In 1 Facial DIY Mask Bowl Brush Spoon Tools Set in Blue, $2;