Minnie Mouse fanatics, your time has come! Because November 2018 was the 90th anniversary of Disney's Mickey Mouse, Disney has clearly pulled out all of the stops to make sure its star cartoon has the biggest 90th birthday bash the world has ever seen!

So many clothing and beauty brands created tribute collections to honor the beloved cartoon. From the edgy Spectrum Collections mouse ear brush set and beauty bags to the chic Dose Of Colors Mickey Mouse line, we've seen endless love shown to the birthday boy. 

But now it's time for his better half to get a little more shine! 

Dose Of Colors founder Anna Petrosian actually teased a look from the Minnie Mouse collection on Monday. 

"Major clues," she teased in the caption. 

Although fans were pretty on top of the fact that Dose Of Colors would be releasing a new product, they still couldn't exactly pinpoint what it would be. Some fans guessed eye shadow (partially correct), while others figured the new release would be lashes (partially correct, again). Other guesses included brow products, mascara, and foundation. 

One person even wondered if Petrosian was taking a totally different step with hair accessories. 

But behold, a full Minnie Mouse collection is finally on its way from Dose Of Colors brand!

Dose Of Colors did not come to play with the Disney kingdom! The brand created a full Minnie Mouse collection complete with an eye shadow palette, three lipsticks, and three tubes of what appears to be glittery eyeliner! 

The brand also included a pair of incredibly bashful eyelashes, which is so perfect. Everyone knows Mrs. Minnie Mouse never leaves the house without her lashes on!

There is no word on prices just yet, but you can most likely use the existing Dose Of Colors Mickey Mouse collection as a reference point.

Fans are ecstatic that they get to bring more Disney makeup into their collections. 

"Right when I said no more makeup from Dose Of Colors, Anna. You come up with this collaboration and I have to get my hands on this now," one fan wrote in the Dose Of Colors comments. 

"Oh my gosh, there’s no way I’m missing out on this one... I love the first one and this looks like even more my color scheme," another shared. 

Another person had one word for the Minnie Mouse collection: "Yessssss."

Dose Of Colors revealed the Minnie Mouse collection with this gorgeous video announcement.

"When you mix makeup with #MinnieMouse, the results are Bowtiful," the brand captioned the video on Instagram. 

The video features Petrosian wearing the Minnie Mouse eye shadow. It also reveals every single product in the collection, all in super-quick flashes. 

Like the Mickey Mouse collection before it, this packaging looks incredibly chic.

No two products in this collection look exactly alike, and it all manages to look extra cutesy while maintaining a grown-up edge. 

Dose Of Colors gave this Minnie Mouse collection the perfect touches without taking the theme overboard. I adore that the eyelash packaging displays such a bashful image of Minnie Mouse covering up her face. The lipstick caps feature simple Minnie Mouse heads that show off her iconic polka-dot bow. The brand also added the Minnie Mouse polka dots to the caps of the assumed eyeliner tubes. 

Check out the Minnie Eye Shadow Palette up close!

The palette includes six eye shadow pans in a mix of shimmers and mattes, plus one peachy blush! Each shade has an adorable Minnie Mouse–inspired name. From left to right and top to bottom, the eye shadows are called Shimmer On, Forever Friends, Style Flash, Glam Girl, Dots Are Hot, and Forever in Style. The peachy blush features a Minnie Mouse head imprint and is called Hey Girly. 

Although small, this eye shadow palette has the necessary shades to create a variety of different eye looks. I love that Dose Of Colors made a deep pink (Dots Are Hot) and orange (Glam Girl) while the remainder of the palette is very neutral. 

If you're wondering how those eye shadow pigments actually blend out, then peep this smoky preview on Petrosian's face.

Catch that smoky, red eye shadow look! The eye makeup appears to have been created with a blend of the Dots Are Hot and Glam Girl shades. Petrosian is also wearing a matte nude lipstick, which we can only assume is the shade of one of the lip colors in the collection. The Hey Girly shade seems to be blended ever so lightly on her cheeks.

Petrosian also revealed that this Minnie Mouse collection has been in the works since the Mickey Mouse collection officially hit stores.

"Finally the secret is out," Petrosian shared in her Instagram story. "I feel like I’ve been wanting to talk about this ever since the Mickey launch. When Disney asked us to create a Mickey and Minnie collection, I was blown away. I talked about it when we launched Mickey, but I couldn’t mention Minnie." 

"In the beginning, I thought it would be one collection including Mickey and Minnie," she continued.

"We both decided that it’s better to do separate collections. When we launched Mickey, everybody wanted the bright colors and the red lipstick and I couldn’t say anything. But now I can talk about it.” 

Of course, Minnie Mouse deserved her own collection, and it's coming so soon!

Minnie Mouse fans, you have less than a week to make room in your makeup stash for this collection!

The Dose Of Colors Minnie Mouse Collection will launch on Monday, March 18. If you want to wait to rack up points in the Ulta Rewards program, then the collection hits the website on April 21. 

Unfortunately, if you prefer to throw a swatch party before permanently investing in Minnie Mouse makeup, then you'll have to wait a tad longer. The collection will not be on display in stores until May 5.