If you're a true beauty lover, you've probably noticed that brands are launching eye shadow palettes left and right these days. Makeup fans usually go *nuts* over the latest drop, but lately it's been harder to keep up — there are just so many new releases!

And what makes keeping up with these new eye shadow palettes the *most* difficult is that a LOT of them look the same. We're not saying that brands are copying each other (and sometimes their own back catalogues) — just that when you launch six new palettes a month, things start to look VERY similar.

Take a look at these baffling swatches and see what we mean.

These are three different palettes, swatched and compared. Can you tell which swatch set comes from Tarte and which ones are from ColourPop? 

From left to right: Double Entrendre by ColourPop ($16, ColourPop), Tartelette Toasted by Tarte ($46, Sephora), and I Think I Love You By ColourPop ($16, ColourPop).

The most eyebrow-raising part is ColourPop's Double Entendre palette dropped just a few days ago, while the brand's I Think I Love You palette launched in September. Why is the brand releasing palettes that look *this* similar so close together?

Double Entrendre (left) and I Think I Love You (right) share at *least* six pans that give major twin vibes — and six pans is half the palette!

But ColourPop isn't the only brand getting a little too "inspired." SO many palettes look exactly alike lately!

Urban Decay's Distortion palette ($48, Sephora) seemed, to many people, like a near-dupe of Fenty Beauty's Galaxy palette ($59, Sephora).

But! Distortion ALSO looks very similar to two *other* Urban Decay palettes: Heavy Metals ($55, Sephora) and Moondust ($49, Sephora).

Too Faced and BH Cosmetics are also both dropping unicorn palettes, and fans were quick to point out the similarities.

The BH Cosmetics Unicorn palette drops in the United States in Spring 2018 — with a price to be determined. Meanwhile the Peace, Love, and Unicorns eye shadow palette ($42, Too Faced) comes out in 2018.

These palettes will be released during a time when many fans and influencers alike (i.e. RawBeautyKristi and Thomas Halbert) have expressed how much they are over unicorn-themed makeup.

Beauty brands are definitely trying to outdo one another when it comes to dropping the biggest, baddest, wildest eye shadow palettes. But why would fans care when so many of these palettes are starting to look the same?

photo: Giphy

Fans have expressed their boredom with a lot of the latest palette releases, because why would anyone want to re-purchase stuff they already have?

Half the fun of new makeup is the NEW part. Let's hope that beauty brands start listening, and put more unique stuff that is truly special, different, and fun.