Mac Cosmetics horoscope
photo: MAC Cosmetics

These days, it seems like beauty brands launch new eye shadow palettes every five minutes. How's a makeup lover to know which palette to buy next?

We get it. We've been there — but we're far from there now, because we looked to the stars. Yup, the stars. Your astrological sign tells a hell of a lot about you ... including what eye shadow palette you should buy next. Don't believe us? Just take a look at the following, give your sign's palette a try, and thank us later.

Aquarius: An airy palette with plenty of options ($12.33, Dresslily)

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You're the Oprah of your social circle, Aquarius is a true innovator. This is why you'll need a palette ($12.33, Dresslily) that screams "Boss. Lady," but still presents a light and airy mystique — just like this one. Knowing you, you'll be able to make a whole new world of creations with a palette this varied.

Pisces: The ultimate mermaid palette ($24.95, CLEOF)

photo: CLEOF

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The most obvious of the water signs and the most creative — you'll be rocking mermaid look after mermaid look created with this palette ($24.95, CLEOF). Own that underwater look with glitter galore!

Aries: A fiery palette with a nod to your childhood ($13.52, Hot Topic)

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You may as well be a Taylor Swift record, because you are fearless, honey! Someone like you is never afraid when it comes to trying something new and a little out there ($13.52, Hot Topic). All of that considered, we knew you'd be down to rock the vibrant colors found in this Nickelodeon-inspired palette.

Taurus: An earthy palette with hidden power ($22, Poshmark)

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We're as hard-headed as they come (notice I said "we're"). That doesn't mean we can't take advice once in a while though. Earthy gals like us thrive on adorning ourselves in greens, browns, and other tones Mother Earth would be proud of. With that, this palette from Cargo is just what you need. ($22, Poshmark)

Gemini: A multifaceted palette for every side of you ($18, Urban Outfitters)

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Being that you often have two sides of yourself to please, you need all the colors to make yourself happy. That's where this epic BH Cosmetics palette ($18, Urban Outfitters) comes in. With 99 different shade options, it should be more than enough for the Gemini in you.

Cancer: A simple yet elegant selection of basics ($29, bareMinerals)

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The most natural of the bunch, you look your best when you've done the least. Natural beauties like you don't need much from a palette — which is why an elegant selection of wear-everyday basics ($29, bareMinerals) will serve you well, and take you far.

Leo: A dramatic, heat-bringing palette that will put all eyes on you ($14.95, BYS)

photo: BYS

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The fire sign drama-mamas, like Kylie Jenner, need to bring the heat when it comes to their look without looking like Bozo ($14.95, BYS). Peach offers a balance: being bold and natural with an array of beautiful metallics.

Virgo: An earthy array of secretly dramatic caramel colors ($15, Ulta)

photo: Ulta

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Like Beyoncé, you woke up like this — and that is why you don't have to try hard to look fabulous. Which is why a basic palette, like the Naked Chocolate from Makeup Revolution ($15, Ulta), is all you need (and want). You'll never have to buy another again.

Libra: An ethereal blend of shadow shades ($39, Selfridges)

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Peace and love are all you seek. A free spirit at heart, you're looking to embrace all things ethereal with your makeup choices. This gorgeous quad from MAC ($39, Selfridges) is airy, light, and gorgeous — just like you.

Scorpio: The ultimate in intensity ($27, Sephora)

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Has anyone ever told you that you can be a little intense, Scorpio? We mean that as a total compliment, by the way! You live for bold makeup choices, and that's why this palette from Huda Beauty ($27, Sephora) was absolutely MADE for you.

Sagittarius: A multifaceted palette that is born to sparkle ($19.80, Etsy)

photo: Etsy

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You've got a fearless spirit, and love to take huge risks when it comes to every aspect of your life. That includes your makeup choices — which is why this sparkly palette ($19.80, Etsy) is your perfect match. Made by Sherree Cosmetics, this palette will let you shimmer and shine like the star you are.

Capricorn: The ultimate boss bitch palette ($39.50, MAC Cosmetics)

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A natural born leader, you have the confidence to rock any look — which is why this MAC Cosmetics palette ($39.50, MAC) is perfection. Giving you nothing but options (and powerful packaging), the Power Hungry palette is your makeup fate.