photo: Carmen Hurtado-Esteve

I have always liked my eyelashes. They're medium-length with a little curl, and mascara always helped me achieve my desired look.

But sometimes, you just want super-long, Kylie Jenner-inspired eyelashes — and if you can't apply false lashes to save your life, eyelash extensions sound like an amazing alternative.

eyelash extensions
photo: Carmen Hurtado-Esteve

Lash extensions are beautiful, and they changed my life. But they come with some significant downsides — things I wish I knew. Here are 8 things that nobody tells you about getting eyelash extensions.

1. Showering is difficult. REALLY difficult.

You're not supposed to get your lash extensions wet. At all. Getting your extended lashes wet will not only make them fall out faster, but it also feels so weird. The second water hits them, they feel heavy and uncomfortable.

Plus, they take forever to dry. Have you ever tried blow-drying your eyelashes? I have. It's crazy.

2. Your natural eyelashes WILL fall out.

The first question people ask when getting extensions is "Will my natural lashes fall out?" And lash experts will normally say no.

Based on my experience, this isn't true.

I've been getting lash extensions for two months now. I've gotten them done at fancy, high-end salons and less expensive places in my neighborhood. No matter where I go or how much I spend, my natural lashes HAVE fallen out.

They don't fall out all at once, and you won't be lash-bald — but they do diminish. Be prepared for your own eyelashes to look a little less.

3. You WILL get bald spots.

The extensions will fall out naturally over time — but that doesn't mean they will fall out evenly. Prepare for some big empty gaps in your lashes when large sections fall out all at once.

4. But they DO grow back. Eventually.

Eyelashes grow slowly, but they will come back. You should see complete lash recovery in a couple of months.

5. Your skin care routine has to change.

You can't use any oil-based makeup removers, cleansers, or moisturizers near your eyes anymore. Oil decreases the strength of the lash adhesive, leading them to fall out quickly. Prepare to use a lot of makeup wipes, keeping FAR away from your eyes.

5. You have to sleep differently.

Your days of sleeping on your stomach are over. When your lashes touch the pillow, you will feel extremely uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel like I want to wear goggles, just so I can sleep in a normal position.

6. They literally tangle up on you.

If you get extra-long lash extensions, they will overlap and knot up. I suggest carrying a clean spoolie or a special lash comb at all times.

7. If you're over them before they fall out on their own, you need to have them professionally removed.

DO NOT pull at the extensions, no matter how annoying they are! This will definitely pull out your natural lash as well (which hurts) and may permanently prevent your lashes from growing back!

8. They're SO worth it.

photo: Giphy

While lash extensions stress me out, I love them. They make me feel super glamorous without any makeup on my skin.

The key to a beautiful set of extensions is maintenance and patience— two attributes I'm happy to cultivate if it keeps my lash game this strong.