Fenty Beauty upended the entire beauty industry when it dropped two weeks ago. People simply cannot stop fawning over Rihanna's new line. But the Fenty Beauty craze is about more than just it being a new brand by HBIC Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty. 

What's most groundbreaking about the brand is how inclusive it is from the very beginning. In fact, Fenty Beauty is so inclusive that a woman born with albinism named Krystal Robertson was able to find her perfect foundation match for the first time in her life.

"Soooo ... I had a small freak out today," Robertson wrote on her Facebook post. "My neck and face finally match each other. Trying out the FentyBeauty foundation and primer today!!!!"

"Didn't realize I was this light ... loving the feel of the foundation so far tho," she continued. "Also I'm albino. I have no pigment so it be hard to get a nice match...always end up orange. Now I'm rethinking all those times I went orange."

"When I applied Fenty Beauty to my face and let it settle, my boyfriend said, 'Hey...you don't have that /yellow/brown look around your face!' she wrote in a separate Facebook post.

Her post went viral and made its way to the Fenty Beauty Instagram stories.

She even got a sweet shout-out from Rihanna herself...complete with a kiss emoji.

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Rihanna also followed her on Twitter, presumably to keep up with how Fenty Beauty will work for her in the future? Sigh. This is too cool.

"Y'all!!!!!! My life!!!!!!! Has been slayed!!!!!!! Rhi rhi knows who I am!!!!!!" Robertson wrote.

And suddenly, one of my life's goals is to be granted a kiss emoji from Rihanna.

Fan meltdown aside, this moment is truly special.

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Women of color are all over the melanin spectrum and yet are so routinely underserved in a beauty industry that gets such a large sum of our coins. The exclusion often feels like a shot to our validity. And now, Fenty Beauty is here to remind people of all shades just what our value is.

"Thank you Rihanna and Fentybeauty," Robertson wrote. "This shows they have great minds and Big Hearts and I can’t wait for future products they will have available! It doesn’t stop here!”

And we're more than happy to stay along for the ride. Fenty Beauty FTW...again!