Rihanna may have been quiet since she last gave us a sneak peek at a new Fenty Beauty product, but that doesn't mean she hasn't been busy cooking up something FIRE for the people!

Fenty Beauty just teased a gorgeous, glittery new body product, and nope — it's not Part 2 of the Galaxy holiday collection.

Instead, Bad Gal RiRi is aiming to light up ENTIRE BODIES with this new beauty banger.

Fenty Beauty revealed this sparkly new sneak peek in its Instagram story!

"Say hello to the brandnew #BodyLava," the brand wrote on the photo

No details were dropped on prices or release dates, but it looks like Fenty Beauty will release a lighter rose gold glitter spray and a deeper bronze option. 

Rihanna is planning to throw glitter on both your body and soul with the new Fenty Beauty Body Lava illuminizer sprays. 

"Mine are almost empty," Rihanna revealed in her caption.

In regular Rihanna fashion, she's been walking around wearing our newest Fenty Beauty blessing right under our highlighted noses!!!!

Let's also not forget this leaked sneak peek of a RAINBOW of new Fenty Beauty Killawatt highlighters. 

These bright pastel babies leaked in early 2018. Let's hope Fenty Beauty releases these gorgeous Killawatt compacts along with those shimmery body sprays.

It looks like Fenty Beauty is about to have us looking bright, glittery, and gorgeous this Summer 2018.

photo: Giphy

This Fenty Beauty glow-up is going to be VERY real and very shimmery. Stay tuned for more details that are certainly to come. 

Thank you in advance, Rihanna!

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