From the moment that Huda Beauty announced it would drop 30 foundation shades for the first time — people immediately began accusing Huda Kattan of copying Fenty Beauty

It's not likely, but that hasn't stopped people from making comparisons. 

Youtubers have been putting Fenty Beauty and Huda Beauty to the test, and weighing in on which formula they prefer and why.

Here are a few of the interesting verdicts. 

Youtuber Erykah Dreme tried both foundations on one half of her face over the course of seven hours. Can you tell which side is Fenty Beauty and which side is Huda?

Dreme is wearing Huda Beauty Faux Filter foundation ($40, Sephora) on the left side and Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation ($34, Sephora) on the right. 

"How it’s felt throughout the day?" she asked in her Youtube video. "I haven’t really felt it. It feels super comfortable. Both sides feel really lightweight.” 

She did note the Fenty Beauty Pro Filter' Foundation ($34, Sephora) offers less coverage and could run out more quickly. She also shared that the matte formula of Fenty Beauty foundation showed her smile lines more than the glow of the Huda Beauty foundation. 

"You could pick up either one of these two," she said. "It’s just down to your preferences, but I definitely don’t think you need both of them. They look exactly the same.”


For UK-based Youtuber, Aysha Begum — the winner of her foundation test came down to her preference for a finish.

Begum is wearing Fenty Beauty on the left side and Huda Beauty on the right. 

"This is the most full coverage foundation I have ever used," Begum said about Huda Beauty. 

"I've been doubling [Huda Beauty] up as a concealer underneath my eyes," she said in her video review. "With Fenty Beauty, I can't do that." 

Like Dreme, she also noted that the Fenty Beauty foundation settled into her smile lines. 

"I like the fact that FB isn't super flat matte. It still kinda gives that sheen to the skin. I'ts not flat on the face. It's great at evening out the skin tone, but I do personally love the finish of the Huda one."

She described her preferred finish as "dewy," in case that's helpful for you making your own decision.

VERDICT: Huda Beauty. 

Influencer Raye Boyce, aka Raye Raye, did a similar wear test with the foundations.

Boyce is wearing Fenty Beauty on the left and Huda Beauty on the right. Like Dreme, she pointed out that Fenty Beauty doesn't cover up every *single* flaw, but is perfect for a natural no-makeup look.

"Huda is definitely not an every day foundation but Fenty is," Boyce said in her Youtube review.

Still, she says she would simply wear Huda out for a night out or for pictures and still use the Fenty foundation as a daily go-to. 


Youtuber Poonam Walid tried on both foundations, then made a pros and cons list.

Poonam is wearing Huda Beauty on the left and Fenty Beauty on the right.

She shared that Huda Beauty has "great" coverage, but "feels heavy on the skin" while Fenty Beauty "doesn't feel as heavy." 

Poonam also noted in her Youtube review that both provide good coverage and have a nice glow — but both "need more than one pump to cover blemishes and spots."

Still, she recommends both depending on whether or not you like heavy makeup. 


Makeup artist Anchal didn't try on the foundations together. Instead, she figured out which shade worked best for her off camera and then reviewed based on her experiences with both.

Anchal was satisfied with her Fenty Foundation match from the get-go. She initially felt that her Huda Beauty foundation was ashy. Once the Huda Beauty foundation oxidized though, she saw the "golden tones come out." 

In her review, Anchal pointed out the fragrance that Huda Beauty foundation has and mentioned that she prefers a foundation with no smell.

VERDICT: Fenty Beauty. 

Youtuber Tonii Antoinette put both brands to the test to see if Huda Beauty could dethrone Fenty Beauty as her favorite new foundation.

Antoinette is wearing Huda Beauty on the left side and Fenty Beauty on the right. 

"So far, it's looking a little light," she said as she applied the Huda Beauty foundation in her video. "In that case, there might not be a Huda Beauty shade for me because I did test the other two colors in the store and it wasn't necessary a perfect match." 

She thought that if she continued blending, then it would get better. As you can see, there is still a huge difference between the two shade matches. 

Antoinette raved about the finish of Huda Beauty but decided to stick to what she knows with Fenty Beauty until Huda broadens its shade range. 

VERDICT: Fenty Beauty.

And the winner is?

FENTY BEAUTY! That shade range just won't let up, baby. 

The majority of these Youtubers raved about Huda Beauty's dewy, Instagram-ready finish. That's why three of them had to call it a draw altogether.

Even Antoinette — who couldn't get her shade match with Huda Beauty — couldn't stop gushing over how the foundation looked and recommended that anyone else who *can* find their shade, still try out the formula. 

But a great formula means nothing if not everyone can try it, right? Huda Beauty does have 30 shades and I have seen some darker women wearing it happily. Hopefully we see a few more options for deeper tones in the future so that all of us can join the Faux Filter party. 

You can do it, Huda!