Rihanna is the gift that keeps on giving — so of course she's dropping more Fenty Beauty product for us on Thanksgiving.

Our favorite new beauty mogul just casually announced on Instagram that Thanksgiving is about to get a litty red upgrade. "NOV. 23… get your lips ready. STUNNA LIP PAINT is coming," the Bad Gal wrote on the 'gram.

Look familiar? 

Oh, that's because a beloved fan tipped us off to this product over a month ago. Remember when this crimson trio gave the whole internet heart palpitations?

We've been watching you, Rihanna!

And we still stand by our assessment that this packaging resembles Christian Louboutin nail polish — but we aren't mad at all. We see that Fenty touch and "into it" isn't even the appropriate phrasing. 

Call this Stunna Lip Paint already bought, spread, and loved!

photo: Giphy

As usual, Stunna will be available on the Fenty Beauty site and at Sephora. No word on the price yet, but when we know, you will too so stay tuned!

Come November 23 — we'll all be giving thanks with full bellies and even fuller red lips. Aka, living our best freaking lives... all thanks to Bad Gal Rihanna.