We've all been in a beauty pinch! There's the terrible situation when you've traveled far from home and the airport lost all of your luggage or caused it to arrive way later than expected. I'm also pretty sure a lot of us have left our entire makeup bags at home on the day we needed them the most. When those things happen, we also do not always want to invest in more of the makeup we already own. 

And then there's the other truth: Some of us beauty enthusiasts rarely go through that kind of inconvenient situation and just want to test our makeup abilities for the sake of a fun challenge. Either way, there is some circumstance that could lead you to attempt an entire makeup look with a single lipstick

But is it really possible to execute that and actually come out not looking like a cake face?  Actually, yes! With just a few tricks like choosing the right shades for contouring and the perfect lipstick finish for highlighting, you could pull off the all-lipstick face and look absolutely BEAT. 

Revelist fashion and beauty producer, Kala Riggins, put her makeup skills to the test with a select group of lipsticks. Check out how she picked and applied the lipstick to her entire face including her eyelids and cheeks! 

Please note, though, that wearing lipstick on your entire face could severely clog your pores. You'll want to wash and exfoliate your face thoroughly with the appropriate makeup removers and toners when you're done with your lipstick face for the day. Other than that tip, happy blending!

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