Everyone's favorite pop culture bobbleheads are now available in makeup form. Plus, they're Disney villain–themed, so it's basically a win-win. 

Ulta and Funko Pop teamed up to create an entire cosmetics line complete with brushes, all based on villains like Maleficent, Cruella De Vil, Ursula, and the Evil Queen. Each of the 16 products are decorated with a devilish Funko head. 

With Halloween quickly approaching, there's nothing better to decorate your makeup bag with than these evil heroines. 

The products are all decked out in the Funko Pop style. 

True Disney fans need these palettes and bags shaped like these four antagonists. All of the products are available at Ulta stores and will be available online starting October 6. Show off your wicked side with the shimmery shades and dark vibes. 

Funko X Disney Villains Evil Queen Eye Shadow Palette, $24

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The Evil Queen from Snow White might have nabbed the "fairest of them all" spot had she worn this gorgeous bronzy eye shadow palette. Names like Bad Apple, Nothing to Envy, and One Bite all bring back memories of the very first Disney princess film. The gold case is shaped like the Evil Queen in her bobblehead Funko Pop form. 

Funko X Disney Villains Maleficent Eye Shadow Palette, $24

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Maleficent's tones are naturally cool and violet and packaged neatly in a vibrant purple case shaped like the wicked sorceress. Brushes and a makeup bag features a quote from the villainess and reads "Stand back you fools". 

Funko X Disney Villains Cruella Blush & Bronzer Palette, $24

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The puppy-hating monster otherwise known as Cruella De Vil has a bronze palette that wouldn't work on any skin tone other than her very own pasty white complexion. The bronze is definitely not dark enough for anyone with medium-to-dark skin, but the bright pink blushes could work on most. The makeup brushes in her set are obviously dotted with Dalmatian spots. 

Funko X Disney Villains Ursula Highlighter Palette, $24

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This subtle highlighter will have you glinting like sunshine reflected off the ocean. Ursula's highlighter palette comes in a gorgeous aqua case shaped like the sea witch. The assertive boss lady's shades are titled appropriately: Body Language, Unfortunate Souls, Vixen, and Tough Choices. 

Funko X Disney Villains Evil Queen High Shine Lip Gloss, $12

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Of course the Evil Queen would have candy apple red lip gloss. This bright red lip looks like a freshly applied poison apple. Plus, the packaging is like an adorable Pez dispenser decorated with the Evil Queen's Funko Pop head on top. 

Funko X Disney Villains Maleficent High Shine Lip Gloss, $12

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This metallic pink gloss is exactly what the magnificent Maleficent would sport as she sauntered through the palace walls hunting for Princess Aurora. Two other glosses are available themed on the other wicked witches. Ursula's shiny gloss is in a magenta, hot pink shade and Cruella's is a pale mauve color. 

Funko X Disney Villains Ursula Eyeliner, $10

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Step out of your comfort zone and try out this vibrant turquoise eyeliner based on the empowered sea witch. The bold shade will make you feel exactly like the flamboyant, boisterous tentacled woman. Another vibrant eyeliner is the Evil Queen's bright gold shade that is oh-so regal. 

Funko X Disney Villains Cruella Eye Liner, $10

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Pair this black glittery eye liner with a bright white eye to look exactly like the Dalmatian puppies Cruella covets. The shimmery shade is just subtle enough to be worn for an everyday look when you want some extra oomph. Or try out Maleficent's deep purple shade for something a little more sultry. 

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