Makeup artists are owning Halloween and the holiday is still over two weeks away. We've seen everything from popping Pennywise recreations to pop art to entire horror movie scenes painted on faces.

The horror film that I didn't expect anyone to think about this Halloween is the smash hit, "Get Out," by Jordan Peele. It came out in February 2017, and I had honestly forgotten about it. 

Makeup artist Haylee Anise just provided a glammy-gory reminder of "Get Out" — and it's so on point!

You'd have to know the plot to *truly* get this makeup costume idea — but if you haven't seen "Get Out" yet, just know she SLAYED this. 

Seriously. From the stitched forehead that represents the pseudo soul-stealing science from the movie to the sparkly tears, the look is spot on with the story.

The nail in the coffin? That creepy-pleasant smile!

Haven't seen "Get Out" yet?

photo: Giphy

You're totally missing out on the emotional rollercoaster that this makeup look is supposed to send you on. 

Watch it!