glossier eyebrow pen
photo: Glossier

Glossier is out to change the eyebrow game for the people this summer! Over the past few years, it's been very trendy to achieve perfect, sleek, and arched eyebrows that look almost stenciled on. That's still a *lewk*, but it's not the only look, right? Glossier is offering up a natural and effortless yet full eyebrow style with its newly launched Brow Flick pen. 

Our brows are still going to be bold and beautiful, but the brand seems ready to make achieving a great eyebrow style easier than ever. The secret is in the size and formula of the new Brow Flick pen, and the best part about it is that the pen is under $20. 

We stan affordable makeup that also eases the process of achieving our everyday look.

Glossier announced the new brow situation on Instagram.

"Introducing Brow Flick! The brush-tip detailing pen to give your brows more brow. Define the arch, extend the tail, and add depth to sparse areas," the brand wrote.

You heard 'em! That tiny brush-tip detail is designed to ensure that you can properly fill in any area of your eyebrows that feels a little thin. Full brows, here we come! 

Brow Flick comes in three shades.

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The pen comes in brown, blond, and black to match the most popular hair colors. The shades have a sheer finish, which is responsible for that natural look Glossier promises. 

"Your brows are already great (you know that). But maybe you want more. More definition, more color, more brow in places you think deserve more brow," the brand wrote in its product description.

And this is how Brow Flick looks on an actual face.

glossier brow flick
photo: Glossier

Seriously, how gorgeous is this? Her eyebrows on the left look pretty nice. On the right, we get to see how Brow Flick enhances her natural brows by making them look just a little fluffier. They're full and beautiful without looking overdrawn or extra sleek. 

Glossier recommends that you double up and use Brow Flick with its other beloved brow product.

"Brow Flick was made to be best friends with Boy Brow ($16, Glossier). Together, they give you the full Glossier brow: face-framing, fluffy, and always natural-looking," the brand wrote on Instagram. Both products come in Brown, Blonde, and Black.

On its website, Glossier shares exactly how you can use the two together. "Follow up Brow Flick with Boy Brow (in the matching color, or Clear for just hold) to groom and set brows into place. The look? The fluffiest, most natural-looking Glossier brow ever."

The coolest part about the pen is that it seems to give beauty fans tons of freedom in terms of coverage.

"Flick’s sheer formula is buildable, so its coverage will vary depending on how much you apply," Glossier described on Instagram. This is super evident in the gorgeous selfie shown. Her brows aren't as dark as the ones we see in the Glossier model photos, but they still look full. They also look very natural. 

Check out this tutorial by Amy Serrano where she demonstrates how she filled in a bald spot in her brow.

She liked using the Brow Flick while applying, but also checked back a few hours later to update her subscribers on how long the brow product lasts.

"As I'm writing this, it is 11:39 p.m. and I filmed this at 10 a.m. and I am so happy to say that this product last[s] all day," Serrano wrote in her comments section. "12 hours and my bald spot is still filled in and brows are on point! Can't say the same for the rest of my makeup today was HOT [redacted]! Usually at this point with the brow pencils I use, it's most def faded and smudged away. I think I found my new favorite!"

Dying to get your hands on this new Brow Flick pen?

glossier brow pen
photo: Glossier

See what the fuss is all about for yourself! Brow Flick is already available for $18 on the Glossier website. Pick your color, then grab Boy Brow if you please. You could also just use your own go-to brow gel in place of Boy Brow. 

We're doing fluffy brows this summer!