Glossier is like the tortoise in the race — slow, steady, and winning the race every time. The brand may not have product launches every 15 seconds, but when they do, we take note. And now Glossier just released a new liquid eyeliner that is destined to become as beloved as Boy Brow.

The Glossier Pro Tip Liquid Eyeliner is the brand's latest offering to their makeup collection. It's a part of their main brand, not Glossier Play, indicating that it's meant to be seen as a timeless, classic addition to the Glossier fam. With its sleek millennial pink tube and brush tip, it's going to be the newest cult eyeliner.

"A liquid liner that gets to the point," Glossier wrote on Instagram.

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A liquid liner that gets to the point ????

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To introduce us all to the Pro Tip eyeliner, Glossier stayed true to its minimal, covetable aesthetic. The eyeliner features an angled barrel pen shape, with a brush tip sharp enough to create those perfect wings. For now, the Pro Tip eyeliner only comes in black.

Here's how Glossier describes the eyeliner.

"A super-fine, flexible brush tip that hugs the lash line without tugs or skips. The inkiest black pigment that glides on smoothly, and doesn’t smudge. Staying power for up to 12 hours, and easily swipes off with Milky Oil," wrote Glossier on Instagram.

That tip is making us want to wear our wings every moment of the day.

Seriously, this brush tip looks like a beautiful weapon. "Pro Tip’s brush point is made of ultra-fine, densely packed fibers that evenly dispense pigment for a smooth, streak-free application," said Glossier on Instagram. "The tip is flexible, not flimsy, so you can line with a couple of precise strokes, build it up, widen it, make it pointier. All the control, without the time-sucking redos."

Thank you, Glossier! I'm not even going to try to calculate how many minutes of life have been spent cleaning up my awful eyeliner technique.

The Pro Tip liquid eyeliner is available now!

Run, don't walk to Glossier's site, because you can buy the Pro Tip eyeliner now. It retails for $16, which honestly is less than I expected considering that I have been debating blowing $32 on Pat McGrath's liquid eyeliner

It's also available as part of a bundle, to save you some cash!

If you're looking for an eye-makeup revamp, you can also buy the Pro Tip liquid eyeliner as part of Glossier's new Eye Trio kit. It comes with the liner, the Lash Slick mascara, and the Milky Oil waterproof makeup remover, so you can clean off every bit of your night out. It retails for $36, saving you $8 when you buy each product separately.