If you love to glow like a radiant angel, I have amazing news for you: indie makeup brand ART Cosmetics has created a liquid highlighter that will LITERALLY make you glow.

This is ART Cosmetics' Electric Daisy highlighter. It may LOOK like sheer, silvery magic... but it has a secret.

($20, ART Cosmetics)

This highlighter GLOWS IN THE DARK.


*excited screaming*

When first applied, the highlighter has a sheer, shimmery white-gold finish... but after it's been "charged" under bright lights...

art cosmetics glow in the dark highlighter
photo: ART Cosmetics

POW. Pure. Glowing. Gloriousness.

Hello, festival season.

The glow-in-the-dark highlighter is vegan, cruelty-free, and contains no talc. And yes, even though it glows, it's also safe!

In the ingredients listed on the website, it's luminescent zinc sulfide that makes it glow. And the FDA says that luminescent zinc sulfide is OK to use in cosmetics — as long as the product carries a warning that says not to put it near your eyes.

Watch Electric Daisy in action in this video. It's truly astonishing.

I've never thought I needed glowing green highlight before, but now I do.

ART is truly raising the highlight game to... well, an art.

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