The YouTube beauty community has become pretty saturated with hundreds (maybe thousands?) of people creating makeup tutorials. With so many how-to videos online, it can feel like every beauty video has been done one million times over. Do we *really* need another eyebrow tutorial? And what's going to make one smoky eye video better than another? 

Welp, beauty YouTuber Kathlyn Celeste just dropped the coolest makeup tutorial we've seen in a long while with the help of her husband, Sean Dias. Sean, who is a rapper with the stage name Cru Alxnder, helped Kathlyn to create a very fabulous Fenty Beauty "raptorial" to the beat of Ariana Grande's "7 Rings" song.

Honestly, ya'll? This is literally the BEST thing on YouTube right now. 

Watch Kathlyn and Sean Dias' Fenty Beauty raptorial for yourself here, and then let's get into some things about what makes it the dopest video on YouTube.

OMG! This video is beyond cute, and there are so many different reasons why it's amazing. I'm sure you noticed that this was no cheesy effort. Sean Dias can actually rap pretty well. His lyrics also made actual sense because he 100% knew what each makeup product does. Most guys don't even know what stuff like highlighter and concealer are even for. 

"That Pro Filt’r Primer / Fill up the pores. Erase the liner / Girl your complexion made it gold / That’s gold, you got it from your mama," Sean rapped. "310 foundation on ‘em. Soft matte with a long-wear / You’re like something out a magazine / Ain’t that a queen? / You belong there." 

By the way, if you think it was Kathlyn who told him what to write concerning the makeup, then you'd be wrong. 

"She fasho helped him write it lol," one person wrote on Twitter. But, NOPE! "I could never. Ya girl couldn't write a nursery rhyme if I tried lol," Kathlyn confirmed. "I gave him a list of the products and he did the rest! He also directed and edited the video. So this is all HIM." Sean has been paying attention to his wife when she beats her face, and it shows.

Sean rapped about the makeup like he was Fenty Beauty's head makeup artist Priscilla Ono, but that wasn't even the sweetest part.

His rap was also full of the SWEETEST FREAKING AFFIRMATIONS for his wife and for women in general! Way too many men spend time online bashing women for expressing themselves through makeup. Meanwhile, this man is not only supporting his wife's decision to wear makeup but also helping her blossom her beauty influencer business and showering her with positive affirmations along the way. It's just a heartwarming thing all around.

It's also beyond worth it to note that Sean's makeup rap isn't just about his wife. Toward the end of his song, he shared a sweet message for all black women as Kathlyn mouthed the words along with him. 

"And as you sit on your throne, don’t you forget you ain’t never alone / Something about you, what everyone wants / Don’t think you gotta prove anyone wrong / Girl you know your beauty speaks for itself / God made you perfect. Don’t need no one else," he rapped. "Know your beauty only comes from within / No need to battle, you already win / Hope you know you ain’t got nothing to prove / You a flower. Hope you water your roots / Smelling your melanin all in your blood / Blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice / Don’t you look for validation / Criola, Liberian, Hatian/Nigerian, Nubian, Blasian / Whatever you are, you amazing."


Another dope part about this Fenty Beauty raptorial is that Kathlyn's makeup was ON POINT!

Oh, if you thought the raptorial was heavy on the rapping and lacking in the makeup area, then think again and blink again. To the beat of Ariana Grande and her husband rapping, Kathlyn ABSOLUTELY slayed her makeup look up and down. The dopest part? For her hot-pink eye makeup look, Kathlyn used the Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint Longwear Fluid Lip Color ($24, Sephora) in the Unlocked shade! Yes for a makeup tutorial that churns out a bomb look *and* a cute Fenty Beauty lipstick hack. 

(P.S. If you're as concerned as I am about the Stunna lipstick's tendency to transfer like nobody's business, then you may be able to use the Sangria Sunset shade from the Killawatt Foil Freestyle Highlighter ($36, Fenty Beauty).

Twitter went NUTS over this cute makeup raptorial.

"Lol one this made me want to do my makeup and two, I gotta find me a man who can rap meanwhile I’m doing my makeup," a person wrote on Twitter. "Lip paint on the eyes, though? A concept," another person wrote, appreciating the eye shadow hack. "They've set the bar so high now! I don't know if I can watch another tutorial after this," one person wrote. Seriously same!

So, if you're like us and kind of don't want to watch any more makeup tutorials for a while unless they involve this duo serving LEWKS and a dope song, then here you are! 

Yep! Kathlyn and Sean actually have a few raptorial videos on Kathlyn's YouTube channel. This is seriously the cutest thing, watching two people in love support and promote each other's talents. It's also cool to see that they are both truly talented, so that makes for really excellent content. Subscribe to Kathlyn Celeste's YouTube channel for more regular makeup tutorials, raptorials, relationship vlogs, and more. 

I stand by my opinion that this is the best content on YouTube right now. Happy binge-watching!