halloween makeup
photo: iStock

You can totally go out and buy a costume; millions of people do that every single Halloween. Or, better yet, you can get crafty with your beauty kit and go wild, no charge necessary. Makeup-only costumes allow you to defy the realms of reality way more than a generic mask from the store can.

Now, Halloween makeup costumes aren’t for the faint of heart. They take time and skill, but we’re hoping that these ones will inspire you to make the effort and go for it this year when planning your perfect Halloween look.


What’s more Halloween than this?

Spider Queen

Stand out from all those Spider-Mans walking around.

Ouija Board

People will be asking you all night if you can contact someone from the other side.

Night Sky

This is a total glam costume.

Sally from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

Find yourself a Jack and you’ll be set.


The hairstyle takes this wild one the extra mile.

Fire & Ice

We’re willing to bet that no one will have this costume at your party.

El Diabla

A classic never disappoints.

Zipper Skull

Freak everyone out with this one!


Don’t forget your fin.

Red & The Big Bad Wolf

When you can’t choose between the heroine and the villain, try both.

The Galaxy

You can say you’re the galaxy OR that SZA/Kendrick Lamar song from "Black Panther."

Big Kitty

Let them hear you roar.

Wonder Woman

Serve up heroism like no other.


We have to tip our hats to this amazing makeup job.


Who doesn’t want to be a unicorn for one night (or every night)?

Frankenstein's Monster

Make sure to start this one early. Could take some time.


A costume that is... truly out of this world.


Yup, this one gave us nightmares.


Don’t let anyone call you stiff, though.


We're going to see a lot of Philly Flyers mascots this year, but this one takes the cake.