For many women, Disney princesses are our first style and beauty icons. Who didn't watch "The Little Mermaid" and frantically wish for Ariel's perfect hair? But for young women who wear hijab, there really hasn't been a princess to identify with (we're giving you the side-eye, Disney).

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Enter Malaysian artist, self-proclaimed nerd, and Instagram star @queenofluna. Using only her hijab and killer makeup skills, she gives herself the face AND the hair of our favorite princesses, and even a few fierce villains. Check out her incredible (and majorly inspirational) looks here.

A beautiful Belle.


Check out this Brave babe.

We are digging this sexy Jasmine look.

And this one, too!

Paint with all the colors, girl!

The dinglehopper is a nice touch.

Does she use ACTUAL pixie dust to create these?

This Mulan look is SO next-level.

Though technically not a princess, her Alice is SO fly.

But this makeup genius doesn't just do princesses.

She also uses her skillz to embody classic villains...


And the coolest part? She takes requests!

For more incredible looks, request QueenofLuna on Instagram today!