I have a beef with holographic makeup.

What's my problem? Holographic makeup isn't actually holographic at all.

In fact, holographic makeup doesn't exist...

... despite many brands' insistence that their highlighters/eye shadows/brushes/what have you are certified holographic.

But they're not. Does THIS look holographic to you?

Maybe I should refresh your vocabulary. THIS is holographic.

It exists in nail polish — and you can put holographic glitter on just about anything — but no company has created a 100 percent holographic product yet.

Holographic, by definition, means "made of holograms." What are holograms? They're three-dimensional images formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.

TLDR: It's something shiny that reflects moving rainbows. If you put a product on your face or body and you don't become a literal rainbow, it's not holographic.

A lot of these products have holographic packaging.

But the product inside is always one big non-holographic letdown.

See? Packaging: Holographic.

Product: NOT holographic.

A lot of these products are really just iridescent. But that's nowhere near holographic.

Duo chrome? Not holographic.

Rainbow chrome? STILL not holographic.

That's not to say this stuff isn't pretty because it is.

It's just not holographic. And that's severely agitating.

Basically, what I'm trying to say is: Stop trying to get me to buy makeup by calling it "holographic."

Because let's face it — that's a straight-up lie.

photo: Giphy

And I won't stand for it anymore.

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