Huda Kattan isn't letting up with her beauty brand this summer! The influencer turned makeup mogul has been dropping one product launch after another this year. Her latest addition to the Huda Beauty lineup is all about making a bright neon statement, and we're pretty sure it's because neon has literally been everywhere in fashion. From fast-fashion club dresses to sneakers to sunglasses, there isn't one thing that hasn't been given the neon treatment since the spring of 2018. 

As the neon trend presses on, Kattan is adding her two cents to the mix. Are you ready to go bold with Huda Beauty's new eye shadows?

The brand announced the new neon eye shadow palettes on Instagram.

"I'm SUPERRRRR EXCITED to show you guys our newest mini palettes, the NEON OBSESSIONS!!!" Kattan wrote on the Huda Beauty page. "I got inspiration for these babies from fashion. I have been obsessing over everything neon for a year now [and] had to come out with these GORGEOUS palettes! Check out my stories for more."

Huda Kattan confirmed our thoughts by revealing that her latest makeup release is inspired by the neon trend in fashion. 

The neon trend has taken over everything in stores, but not many brands have put as big of an emphasis on neon makeup as Huda Beauty's minis. 

"So last year my husband, Chris, gave me this amazing neon, vintage Chanel bag that fueled my neon obsession to the point that I just knew I had to make a neon palette," she wrote on the official Huda Beauty blog. "Usually, creating products starts with a craving for something, but this time around I was so inspired by fashion." 

Of the three neon palettes, the Neon Pink Obsession Palette is Kattan's favorite.

"This is my absolute fave palette," she wrote. "It has five matte and four duo-chrome shades of the most flattering pinks, purples, and corals, which easily build up to bold, monochromatic looks or can be used to create a more subtle, iridescent glow! The shimmers look stunning as a highlighter on the tops of cheekbones, or you can swirl a powder brush in the palette for a bold, shimmering blush look."

Kattan loves to put the Neon Orange Obsessions Palette to multipurpose use!

"I love to wear this palette everywhere on my face," she wrote. "The tropical shades look stunning as blusher [sic] along the tops of cheekbones, and the matte shades are perfect for wearing on top of lipsticks for a bold matte finish. The Neon Orange palette has six matte and three duo-chrome shades of the most eye-popping yellows, oranges, and pinks that seamlessly blend together or powerfully stand alone!"

Her mention of using these shadows as blush brings me to one concern I have with the Huda Beauty mini size palettes...

photo: Giphy

I already use the Mauve Obsessions Palette ($27, Sephora) all over my face because the shadows are rich enough to work as excellent blushes on my deep skin tone. That said, the average blush brush doesn't fit into the tiny squares of the Obsessions palettes, especially since there is zero space between pans. You'll have to just be fine with your brush picking up multiple pigments or resort to using an eye shadow blending brush to apply the blush, which I hate doing personally.

Yes, this is my roundabout way of asking Huda Beauty to create the perfect brush set that fits into the Obsessions palettes. Then, make gift sets so that I can buy a palette and a brush set altogether. There's a holiday gift set idea for free.

But I digress. Get into the swatches from the Neon Green Obsessions Palette.

Thank goodness for Huda Beauty realizing how impractical an all-green eye shadow palette actually is. I love the idea of a green-themed palette that includes other colors that work as transition shades, highlight, and whatever else. This neon palette is well-balanced, which means people can have their green fun and still get their money's worth out of the entire palette.

"I love this mix of nude and neon shades," Kattan wrote online. "The duo-chrome pigments look so beautiful as highlighters, while the pink shade makes the perfect summer blush! With three mattes and six duo-chrome shades of greens, pinks, and neutrals, you can create the most stunning looks with a gorgeous iridescent finish!"

In the Huda Beauty Instagram stories, Kattan shared another cool detail about her neon beauties.

As it goes with all of the Obsessions eye shadow palettes, the neon trio comes in a mix of matte shades and shimmers that glide on like a dream. The cool thing about the latest Obsessions is that Kattan designed both finishes to work together for a look that's literally meant to be lit.

"Some of these are actually created to amplify the neons. So, there’s some blue iridescents. When you put [the shimmers] on top of this [matte shade], it’s going t look like a neon sign."

See, I told you. Very lit.

Kattan gave fans a sneak peek of exactly how these shadows look blended out on eyelids.

How gorgeous is this look? It features matte shadows in neon green and yellow. A subtle green shimmery highlight sits in the inner corners. Meanwhile, Kattan wrapped up the look with a classic, elegant cat eye. Expertly filled in brows and wispy lashes give her face an extra flawless finish.

Fans are freaking out over these electric eye shadow palettes.

They're going nuts because the palettes look so bomb, but also because Kattan seems to really be on a roll with consistent product launches that actually get people excited.

"I can't WAIT to buy ALL of these NEON minis!!!! I have ALL of your Mini Obsessions but I feel some type of way about these," one fan wrote. "@Huda you have literally been SLAYING the beauty community lately and I cannot wait to see what else is in store for the future of @hudabeauty !!! I am a forever loyal customer."

Need these mini neon eye shadow palettes like yesterday? 

You have a few days to prepare. The palettes hit the web on May 30. Beauty fans who want to get their swatch on in person before buying will have to wait an extra week, as the palettes land in stores on June 7. Happy shopping, everyone!